Learning to Let Go and Let God

A picture of a man in a grey jacket with blond hair and a short beard

During his time at Dordt University, Darryl learned to balance his responsibilities and live as a Christian. He was worried about getting good grades, succeeding in football, and making lifelong friends. Coming to Dordt after growing up in the same church and school for his life was a shock. However, Darryl learned to manage his time, and juggle homework, tests, football, and social life.

“Being disciplined in all of that, while keeping my head on straight, was an obstacle in itself,” he says. “My first year was tough staying afloat with my grades and football. But by the time junior and senior year rolled around, with Christ and great friends by my side, I couldn't have asked for a better experience.”

Darryl built strong relationships at Dordt, which helped him deal with problems and grow. He became more confident as he lived as a man of God. By following the example of faculty, professors, coaches, and fellow students, Darryl matured as a Christian, friend, student, and player. He is also grateful for his experience playing football, which pushed him physically and mentally. He gained perseverance and appreciation for the good things in life.

“Most importantly, Christ was integrated in all aspects of the classroom, the football field, and the entire campus. Dordt laid a foundation for me to take on life in a corrupted, sinful world, and to be a game changer. It helped me clearly understand what it looks like to live a life that is honoring to God in all aspects. I know that when I give everything to God and trust him with my entire life, everything else will fall into place. Even though it’s not always easy and I often fail, owning that truth gives me peace.”