Unique Opportunities

A picture of Cole Boonstra

Regarding his internship experience, Cole said that “Attending Dordt has been a great experience so far, but what I like the most is the uniqueness of this college. To me, there is no other school like Dordt that could have provided as much as it already has for me,” says Cole Boonstra, a freshman studying manufacturing technology.

Cole interns at Demco, a local agriculture equipment manufacturer. Cole has learned about fabrication in manufacturing, assembly, quality control, machining, MIG welding, and running and diagnosing a robotic welder. “I look forward to continuing my internship at Demco and learning more as well,” says Cole.

Cole appreciates the balance between his classes and internship. “My favorite part about the Pro-Tech program is getting the opportunity to go to class and learn from a teaching standpoint, and as well learning through the hands-on standpoint that the majority of the classes have,” says Cole. “On top of this are the internships given out, that we get to go out into the working world as well as going to school at the same time.”