Oct 5, 2022

Dordt student awarded outstanding poster designation

Anika Homan, a math major at Dordt University, completed an eight-week National Security Agency (NSA)-funded summer research experience at Grand Valley State University in Michigan. Recently, she presented the work she and her research partner did in a poster at MathFest with the Mathematical Association of America, where they were awarded the outstanding poster designation for their work and presentation. Only the top 10-15 percent of posters receive this designation.

Dr. Mike Janssen, a Dordt mathematics professor, says Homan’s success is a testament to her hard work. Homan came to Dordt having completed some preliminary math courses, which allowed her to begin taking upper-level math courses and participate in research experience right away.

“A lot of people can do excellent mathematics,” Janssen says. “But I’ve had few students who can communicate as clearly as Anika can.”

Homan is also grateful for the opportunities at Dordt that helped prepare her, such as math classes focused on writing and presenting original proofs. She was also able to work on a research project with Janssen. Thanks to a summer research grants program through the Kielstra Center for Research and Grants, Janssen has been able to offer first- and second-year math students with local research opportunities.

One of the things Homan appreciated about the summer research program was the comprehensive development of undergraduate researchers, beyond the mathematical research experience.

“We were also able to develop relationships with other students and mathematicians,” Homan says. “We learned to effectively share our work and learn rom the mathematical work of others, and we were mentored on our futures in mathematics.”

In addition to her mathematics work, Homan helps others learn as a tutor in the Academic Enrichment Center and as a teaching assistant. As for her future in mathematics, Homan hopes to participate in another research program next summer. After graduating from Dordt, she plans on attending a graduate program in mathematics.

“My research and experiences at MathFest have given me the skills, confidence, and direction to pursue a career in mathematics,” Homan says.

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