Jan 9, 2024

Dordt in the News: December 13 - January 9

Here’s where Dordt University was mentioned in the media and by news sources.

January 9

  • “Flurry of campaign activity hits snowy Iowa as caucus countdown begins” (Messenger)

“They have run good campaigns. It’s just a matter of, in the end, who people like,” said Iowa state Sen. Jeff Taylor, a political science professor at Dordt University. “And can the Republican base be moved away from Trump?”

  • “How an animated character named Marlon could help Trump win Iowa’s caucuses” (AP News)

“Wrapped in a blanket waiting in line for Trump’s rally, Josie Zeutenhorst, a 20-year-old from Sioux Center who attends Dordt University, said she wanted to hear from Trump in person instead of on TV. She recognizes how much of an impact voters can have on election results but wasn’t planning on participating in a caucus.”

January 5

“Good for Dordt, I thought. Dordt hadn’t ‘cancelled’ Trump, they were simply holding him to the same standard as every other candidate. When Trump refused to comply, arrangements were made to host the event at the golf course event center a couple miles away. Of course, Trump isn’t used to playing by the rules. I can only assume that Dordt knew they’d pay a price for this decision.”

January 4

“When Dordt University athletic director Ross Douma’s oldest son reached third grade, Douma signed him up to play club basketball.”

December 29

  • “Trump’s dominance in GOP frustrates some in Iowa eager for a competitive campaign” (AP News)

“If democracy is working fairly and if the country wants him, then it’s going to be him,” said Dylan Kooiman, a 21-year-old student at Dordt University in Sioux Center, Iowa, who said it would be hard for him to support Trump given his legal battles. “It doesn’t always fall the way everyone wants it.”

  • “Trump Christian school event canceled after fight over student questions” (Newsweek)

“A Christian university canceled a forum with former President Donald Trump over a disagreement about the format of the event. Dordt University in Sioux City, Iowa, was set to host a "Commit to Caucus Rally" for Trump in January, just weeks before Iowa voters head to the caucuses to cast the first votes in the 2024 Republican presidential primary election. Iowa plays a crucial role in presidential nominating contests, as a strong performance in the midwestern state can bolster campaigns ahead of other early-voting states, such as New Hampshire and South Carolina.”

December 28

  • “Young Iowa Republicans raise their voices. Will their party listen?” (New York Times)

“As Vivek Ramaswamy walked out of an event this month at Dordt University, a small Christian college in northwestern Iowa, the school’s football players greeted him with bro hugs and a challenge: Could he join one of them in doing 30 push-ups?”

  • “Trump event in Sioux Center won’t be at Dordt” (RadioIowa)

“The Trump campaign event on Friday, January 5 will not be on the Dordt University campus as originally announced and has been moved to an event center in Sioux Center. Dordt University has released a statement, saying these kind of campaign events are “intended to be educational” and include questions “directly from Dordt students to the candidates.” Dordt officials say they were under the impression nothing would not be publicized until a format was agreed to, but the Trump campaign is planning a rally in Sioux Center and the visions Dordt and the Trump campaign had for the event were ‘incongruent.’”

  • “Dordt University says Trump rally is ‘incongruent’ with school, event moved” (Sioux City Journal)

“Former President Donald Trump was scheduled to make a stop at Dordt University but the event has been moved because ‘the vision of the Trump campaign and Dordt were incongruent.’”

“Dordt University’s Dordt Worship recently released a Christmas song called “Free (This Joy),” which is now available on Spotify and Apple. The song, a mashup of “Joy to the World” and Life Church Worship’s “Free (This Joy),” begins somberly before making a hairpin turn into classic rock and roll.”

  • “’Vision of the Trump campaign and Dordt were incongruent’: Sioux Center Trump rally moved to new venue” (SiouxlandProud)

“UPDATE: Dordt University has put out a statement about former President Donald Trump’s planned rally in Sioux Center, saying the event has moved. The university said they invite presidential candidates of all political parties each campaign cycle, with the intent of the event being “educational in nature, including questions directly from Dordt students to the candidates.” Meanwhile, the Trump campaign desired a rally format.”

December 20

  • “A gift from the past: how Dordt University ended up with 100-year-old record players” (Sioux City Journal)

“Dordt University professor Mark Volkers recently experienced something wholly unfamiliar while teaching his mass media class. As part of a lecture on the history of media technology, the school's digital media production instructor cranked up a phonograph from the early 20th century and played a piece of scratchy-sounding big band music. The 26 students taking the course then began to move.

‘And it was the first time in my entire teaching career that I had students dancing right in class,’ Volkers marveled.”

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