Soccer Faces Northwestern In Road Contests

Soccer Faces Northwestern In Road Contests


The Defender women’s and men’s soccer teams travel to Orange City, Iowa on Wednesday, October 9.  The women’s game gets underway at 5:00 with the men’s game to follow at about 7:15. Results will be available at  and at


The Northwestern women are 6-3-1 this season and 3-1 in the GPAC.  The Raiders have a 1-0 loss to Concordia as the lone blemish on the league record so far and the Raiders are 5-1 in their last six games.  Since the 1-0 loss to Concordia the Raiders have three straight shutout wins over Doane, Presentation and Morningside.

Northwestern has outscored teams 23-7 this season and outshot teams on goal 90-58. Nikky Farnsworth has six goals to lead the Raiders and Emily Hurley has four with three assists and she shares team honors in assists with Molly Ryan and Mackenzie Bammer. Liz Foster has played 538 minutes in goal and has allowed one goal with 20 saves and has a 0.17 goals allowed average. Destinee Montenegro has played 350 minutes in goal and has allowed four goals and has a 1.03 goals allowed average to go with 27 saves.

The Northwestern men are 5-6 overall and 2-2 in the GPAC with losses in the league to Concordia and Morningside and wins over Doane and Presentation.

Jake Foscalina has scored a team high six goals and Anselmo Kim and James Borger both have three goals.  Northwestern has outscored teams 19-16 this season and has a 67-59 shots on goal advantage. James Warren has played 946 minutes in goal and has allowed 15 goals with 37 saves and has a 1.43 goals allowed average.


Dordt is 7-3-1 this season in women’s play and  haven’t lost since September 2.  The Defenders had a six game winning streak stopped on September 28 with a 2-2 tie with Concordia and then bounced back with a win over the College of Saint Mary on October 5.

Dordt has outscored teams 26-12 in the last eight games after getting outscored 12-2 in the first three games of the year.  All totaled Dordt has scored 28 goals and allowed 24 goals while outshooting teams on goal 92-69. Alaina Van Zalen has eight goals and two assists and Katherine Kooiman also has four goals. Emily Kooiman has three goals scored and three Defenders have two assists each. Claire Jansen has five goals for the Defenders after a two-goal game against the College of Saint Mary Flames. DeLynne Zevenbergen has played 650 minutes in goal and has 26 saves with 10 goals allowed for a 1.38 goals allowed average. Karlee Kuyvenhoven has 14 goals allowed and has 17 saves with a 3.5 goals allowed average.  

The Defender men are 3-6-2 this season with wins over Ottawa, Viterbo and Presentation.

Dordt has been outscored 28-12 this season and has 43 shots on goal. Patrick Munsey has scored five goals and leads the Defenders. David Benthem has two goals and Mika de Vin has two assists.  Seth Lewison has allowed 28 goals in 1030 minutes played for a 2.45 average and he has 69 saves.


Northwestern won a 1-0 overtime decision in women’s play on October 5 in Sioux City with a goal in the 96th minute by Brenna Rauwerdink. Morningside had a 7-6 shots on goal on goal advantage and Foster made six saves to preserve the shutout.

Alaina Van Zalen had a pair of first half goals against the College of Saint Mary Flames on Saturday in a 4-1 win and Claire Jansen had one goal in each half as Dordt secured the road victory. Zevenbergen was within four minutes of a shutout but the Flames snuck one through at the end of regulation.

Northwestern’s men lost a 1-0 decision to Morningside in Sioux City on Saturday. Morningside got a goal in with under a minute left in the first overtime to secure the win. Both teams had three shots on goal. Warren had two saves in goal for Northwestern.

Dordt lost to Bellevue on Saturday in a road contest 5-1. Nathan Wanninger scored a goal in the loss as Dordt was outshot 11-4. Lewison had six saves for Dordt.


Cherish Shuka got the game winner for Northwestern last season in the 29th minute of the October 24 match up. Northwestern outshot Dordt 11-3. Dordt leads the series in women’s play 20-9.

Northwestern was a 6-0 winner last season with Tyler Limmer scoring twice and Seth Lewison had three saves in goal. The Defender men lead the series 26-13.


Dordt will host Briar Cliff on Saturday before traveling to Yankton on October 16.

Northwestern will face Dakota Wesleyan at home on Saturday.

GPAC (October 8)


  • Jamestown                  4-0/5-4
  • Dordt                      3-0-1/6-3-1
  • Concordia                  2-0-1/2-6-1
  • Hastings                   3-1/7-2
  • Briar Cliff                2-1/5-3
  • Midland                    2-1/5-2-1
  • Northwestern               2-1/5-3-1
  • Mount Marty                2-2/3-2
  • College of Saint Mary      1-2/4-4-1
  • Morningside                1-2/3-6
  • Dakota Wesleyan            0-4-1/3-5-1
  • Doane                      0-2/4-3
  • Presentation               0-6-1/1-8-1


  • Concordia                  3-0/8-1
  • Hastings                   3-0/7-0-1
  • Morningside                2-1/8-2
  • Midland                    2-1/6-3-1
  • Northwestern               2-1/5-5
  • Mount Marty                2-2/3-5
  • Briar Cliff                1-1/3-4-1
  • Jamestown                  1-1/3-4
  • Doane                      1-1/2-7
  • Dordt                      1-2-1/3-5-2
  • Dakota Wesleyan            1-2-1/2-4-2
  • Presentation               0-7/1-8


September 4

(W)  Mount Marty def. Presentation 1-0

(M)  Mount Marty def. Presentation 6-1 


September 11

(W)  Dordt def. Presentation 2-0

(M)  Dordt def. Presentation 1-0


September 14

(M) Concordia def. Presentation 9-0

(W) Concordia def. Presentation 3-0


September 18

(W) Jamestown def. Presentation  5-0

(W) Dordt def. Dakota Wesleyan 4-3

(M) Jamestown def. Presentation 6-4

(M) Dordt tied Dakota Wesleyan 1-1


September 21

(W) Jamestown def. College of Saint Mary 2-1 ot

(W) Dordt def. Doane 2-1 ot

(W) Briar Cliff def. Midland 1-0

(W) Concordia def. Northwestern 1-0

(W) Hastings def. Mount Marty 11-0

(W) Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0

(M) Doane def. Dordt 2-0

(M) Briar Cliff def. Midland 3-2

(M) Concordia def. Northwestern 3-1

(M) Hastings def. Mount Marty 1-0 2ot

(M) Morningside def. Dakota Wesleyan 5-0


September 25

(W) Presentation tied Dakota Wesleyan 0-0

(M) Dakota Wesleyan def. Presentation 4-0


September 28

(W) Briar Cliff def. Hastings 1-0

(W) Jamestown def. Morningside 3-0

(W) College of Saint Mary def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-0

(W) Dordt ties Concordia 2-2

(W) Northwestern def. Doane 3-0

(W) Midland def. Mount Marty 5-0

(M) Hastings def. Briar Cliff 1-0

(M) Morningside def. Jamestown 4-1

(M) Concordia def. Dordt 5-0

(M) Northwestern def. Doane 2-0

(M) Midland def. Mount Marty 2-0


September 29

(W) Hastings def. Presentation 4-0

(M) Hastings def. Presentation 1-0


October 2

(W) Northwestern def. Presentation 4-0

(W) Mount Marty def. Dakota Wesleyan 1-0

(W) Midland def. Morningside 4-0

(W) Hastings def. College of Saint Mary 3-0

(M) Northwestern def. Presentation 5-0

(M) Mount Marty def. Dakota Wesleyan 3-1

(M) Midland def. Morningside 6-1


October 3

(W) Jamestown def. Briar Cliff 2-1

(M) Jamestown @ Briar Cliff


October 5

Dordt @ College of Saint Mary

Briar Cliff @ Doane

Northwestern @ Morningside

Mount Marty @ Concordia

Jamestown @ Hastings

Dakota Wesleyan @ Midland


October 9

Presentation @ Briar Cliff

Morningside @ College of Saint Mary

Hastings @ Doane

Mount Marty @ Jamestown

Dordt @ Northwestern

Midland @ Concordia


October 12

Doane @ Midland

Briar Cliff @ Dordt

Presentation @ College of Saint Mary

Dakota Wesleyan @ Northwestern

Concordia @ Hastings


October 13

Presentation @ Morningside


October 16

Northwestern @ Briar Cliff

College of Saint Mary @ Doane

Dordt @ Mount Marty

Morningside @ Concordia

Dakota Wesleyan @ Jamestown