Dordt College to Become Dordt University in May 2019

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The change fits Dordt's mission, academic excellence, and global footprint

On May 13, 2019, Dordt College will officially become Dordt University.


This change fits Dordt’s mission, highlights the excellence of its academic programs, and emphasizes its global footprint.


“Dordt University best describes who we are and who we are becoming,” says President Erik Hoekstra. “Over the years, we have developed academic and co-curricular programs that grow out of our mission to prepare students to serve in the professions they enter and the communities in which they live. Dordt now looks and acts more like a university than a college.”


In addition to a diverse array of more traditional undergraduate programs, Dordt’s academic offerings include online studies, graduate programs, and professional-technical associate degrees. Dordt alumni live all over the world, and current students come from more than 26 countries.


“In many countries, the word ‘college’ refers to ‘high school,’ so some students overlook Dordt as an option for postsecondary education,” says Dr. Richard Mouw, president emeritus of Fuller Seminary and Dordt Board of Trustees member. “Potential graduate students search for universities. We want graduate and international students to see Dordt as an engaging, challenging place to learn.”


The transition to Dordt University makes sense to junior Riley Arkema, a student member of the university initiative task force.


“There is positive momentum on campus,” says Arkema. “I think the name ‘Dordt University’ better reflects what Dordt is and the potential for what our community can be.”


Dr. Mark Christians, psychology professor and faculty chair, says that the university initiative will help faculty to expand their research efforts while continuing to focus on student learning.


“The faculty will continue to engage with students in their quality teaching and research,” says Christians, who is also a university initiative task force member. “Faculty are committed to carrying out the mission and vision in order to equip students to work for Christ-centered renewal in all of areas of life in God’s kingdom.”  


Dordt College will officially become Dordt University on May 13, 2019, three days after the class of 2019 becomes the final class to graduate from Dordt College.


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