Degree in Three

You've got big goals, and we want to help you achieve them at Dordt University.

With Dordt’s Degree in Three programs, you can save money, and get a head start on your next step. By following a specific course schedule, you can earn a bachelor’s degree in just three years and be on your way to grad school or a promising professional career.

If you're a dedicated student who wants to save time and money, a Degree in Three might be right for you.

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What is a Degree in Three?

Degree in Three is a series of course plans that provide a pathway if you want to finish a four-year degree in three years’ time. These course plans will highlight what courses should be taken when, and at what speed, in order to achieve your goals. This might include taking dual credit courses while you're still in high school, college courses during summer break, and more.

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Dordt now offers a new accelerated 3+1 social work program

In this program, you'll receive your bachelor's in social work in 3 years, and finalize your master's degree in the fourth year.

Download a sample course plan by selecting social work in the form below.

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Is a Degree in Three right for me?

Here are some things to consider as you look into if Degree in Three is a good fit for you:

If you reduce the number of semesters you attend college, you will likely see financial savings. This is one reason students decide to graduate in three years.

If you are certain that you want to pursue one of the majors that provide a Degree in Three option, then Degree in Three might be a good fit for you.

Often, students who plan to go to graduate school, especially programs that require four to seven more years of schooling after a bachelor’s degree, find that a Degree in Three helps them to achieve their career goals faster.

Pursuing a Degree in Three takes a certain level of sacrifice; it will likely mean that you have to take courses in the summer, or you might have to study harder than your friends. Still, there’s something to be said about working hard toward a goal that you’re eager to achieve, and completing that bachelor’s degree within three years.

Program Options

We have eight program options for Degree in Three: Business, Communication, Criminal justice, Digital media, English, Health and human performance, History, and Social work.

If you follow the course sequence, you’ll be able to complete one of these degrees in less than four years!

You can download a course plan with the form on this page.

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