One of the most important skills a Christian needs is discernment. In our cafeteria world of beliefs, you need to know what you believe and why. Studying philosophy helps you know what you think and know why you think as you do.

Critical thinking, developing your reasoning, researching, and evaluating skills will help you offer a biblically sensitive response to contemporary assumptions about the world in which we live. Dordt's philosophy program and faculty will help you develop these skills by having you explore and evaluate underlying questions about the ways people think.

As a philosophy major you'll be introduced to the thinking of philosophers through the ages as well as to contemporary philosophical thinking. You will also be introduced to a Reformed, Christian philosophy, with an emphasis on a biblical worldview and its relationship to Christian theorizing. Only when we see things in the light of God's Word can we as Christians see the world as it really is: his handiwork, subject to his will, distorted by sin, and called to obedience and healing in Christ Jesus.