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Criminal Justice at Dordt

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Do you enjoy helping others and have an appreciation for the law? Do you have dreams of becoming a police officer, probation officer, forensic scientist, prison chaplain, or judge? If so, Dordt’s criminal justice major is the program for you.

As a criminal justice major, you will take classes in forensics, political science, law, psychology, and social work. These classes will prepare you to face whatever challenges might be thrown at you in your future career.

Criminal justice can be a challenging career due to our fallen world. Dordt’s program will teach you how to work with a Christian mindset, showing guidance and the love of Christ to others who need it while seeking justice for the oppressed.

Program Options

We nurture mental development through a broad range of courses in which you’ll learn key concepts needed to work in the field. We’ll encourage you to go beyond the basic facts and learn to think critically about justice both in America and abroad. We’ll also help you develop insight into the how and the why of what you will do.

We’ll help you develop your writing and speaking skills. These are essential in the profession, and the ability to communicate effectively and clearly can make the difference between receiving a promotion and being passed over.

We nurture spiritual development both in and out of class. We’ll strive to nurture in you the spiritual strength that will let you confidently assert with the psalmist, “I will fear no evil, for you are with me."


You’ll be encouraged to take an active role in the learning process—to express your opinion and think critically about the subjects you study. And you will get the opportunity to participate in hands-on activities like processing a crime scene. You’ll also complete a field experience, interning with an organization in the criminal justice field.

Dordt’s program takes an interdisciplinary approach to criminal justice education. You’ll take classes in the psychology, social work, political studies, and the health and human performance departments. Other classes may be applicable as well, depending on your anticipated career. Just as your core curriculum at Dordt will help you appreciate the broad scope of God’s work in both his people and his creation, your core criminal justice classes will give you a broad understanding of many different areas within criminal justice.

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Jon Moeller

Jon Moeller
Instructor of Criminal Justice
Department Chair

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Donald Roth

Donald Roth
Associate Professor of Criminal Justice & Business Admin

CL 1419
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Tara Boer

Tara Boer
Associate Professor of Social Work

CL 2209
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