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Mission and Ministry

Our broken world is full of hurting people, impoverished families, and needs all around. An emphasis in mission and ministry will bring you to the next step in finding your calling in a life of ministry. Our professors will help prepare you for the good work God has planned for you.

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Program Overview

Dive into classes that prepare you to present biblical content to diverse audiences. Study the contemporary issues that the church faces. Lead others in discipleship, character formation, communication, and more. It’s all part of a mission and ministry emphasis from Dordt University.

Our theology program seeks to lead students into more faithful service to God and his mission. Our dedicated faculty brings a variety of passions, emphases, and experiences in ministry to the classroom. We’re committed to engaging contemporary culture with discernment and wisdom. And our proud alumni serve God's mission through church ministry, kingdom service, and sharing God’s light in the secular working world.

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What You'll Learn

This emphasis will help you discover your calling in ministry and will prepare you for a career in mission work. You’ll gain insight and experience through a mix of core theology courses and electives such as Teaching and Bible, Service Learning, Engaging Mission & Ministry, and Ministry Practicum.

What You Can Do With A Mission and Ministry Emphasis

With a mission and ministry emphasis from Dordt, you’ll leave school equipped to thrive in the mission field. You could become a local missionary, working in your town or community to share God’s love. You could travel to foreign countries and engage other cultures for Christ. Whatever you pursue, you’ll develop skills at Dordt that will prepare you for God’s calling on your life.


Missionaries are members of a religious group that are sent to different areas to spread their faith.


Ministers are authorized spiritual leaders that perform a variety of religious-oriented functions.

Youth Counselor

Youth Counselors provide emotional support for young individuals and make sure their needs are being met.

Students who choose the mission and ministry emphasis will complete the Foundations of Mission and Ministry course and pick a variety of electives relating to discipleship, teaching the Bible, and worship. Students also have the option of completing service learning or a ministry practicum.

  • Foundations of Mission and Ministry: A study of the Bible’s teaching about the mission of the people of God and how the Christian Church understands mission and ministry. The course also explores the contextualization of the gospel in the Western and global Church.
  • Foundations of Worship: A study of the Scriptural foundation for worship and of the components of worship. There will be a brief study of historic patterns of worship, leading to the preparation of liturgies and the practice of worship-leading skills.
  • Teaching the Bible: This course explores the Reformational approach to teaching the Bible. Its primary goal is to equip lay and professional ministry practitioners and teachers with the skill of preparing and presenting biblical content to diverse audiences. Interpretive attention will be given to the text of Scripture, the situation of the learner, the process of preparation, the art of presentation. The course will cover theological and pedagogical foundations as well as the practical content of teaching Bible. This course is relevant for those teaching in a local church context as well as for those developing curriculum to teach the Bible in a high school classroom setting.
  • Engaging World Religions: An exploration of how the major world religions function in human life. Major topics will include systems of religious belief and worldview, sacred literature, symbols, rituals, and practices. Students will explore diverse religious practices by bringing the biblical and theological perspective of the Reformed tradition into dialogue with different religious systems. The goal of this exploration is to use the tools of the Reformed tradition to gain a practical understanding of different religions in order to engage people of different faiths with the gospel.
  • Engaging Mission and Ministry: An in-depth study of the contemporary issues that the Church faces in understanding and carrying out its mission and ministry in the 21st century and a global context. The course identifies issues such as contextualization and the relation of verbal proclamation to social involvement. It engages practical, biblical, and theological responses in mission and ministry at a personal and communal level.
  • Gospel, Church, and Culture: Study of a Reformed approach to ministry in the context of the congregation and contemporary culture. The course includes the study of a Reformed philosophy of ministry, the nature of the church, cultural dynamics that affect both ministry and the church, and the character of leadership that takes all these factors into account.
  • Leadership and Discipleship: This course explores leadership from a Reformational perspective by focusing on such issues as discipleship, character formation, working with teams, conflict resolution, leading small groups, and communication. The purpose of this course is to help students cultivate the insight and discernment needed to develop a biblical approach to leadership in dialogue with the fields of communication, organizational theory, and Christian ethics.
  • Service-Learning
  • Ministry Practicum

See the course catalog for more information.

Ready to take the next step?

Student Stories

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