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General Administration

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Program Overview

If you are looking to develop leadership skills with a public service focus, then the general emphasis might be a good fit for you. The general emphasis is ideal if you are looking to work in government administration at the local, state, or federal level.

Providing flexibility, the general emphasis will allow you to combine some of the specialized coursework of either the Police Administration or Nonprofit Administration emphases.

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Program Details

Courses are offered in 7-week terms throughout the year.

A typical plan of study takes about two years to complete, with students taking one 7-week course at a time. Some opt for a slower pace, completing the program in four years.

Public Relations

This course will survey the field of public administration with specific attention given to the development of public administration as a profession. The history of public administration as well as the major theoretical disagreements in the field between science and values will be covered in detail. Students will explore their own approaches to administration and public service in light of these theories.

Project Management

This course provides students with the principles and techniques of project management. Focus will be given to event and planning implementation as well as an exploration of technological tools available to assist in project management. Students will also learn about and apply theories of organizational change in the context of project management.

Crisis Intervention

This course will introduce students to a new and growing field of literature on crisis intervention. Special attention will be paid to mental health issues, emergency preparedness and other crises that require coordinated responses and intervention. Students will learn about and apply best practices in crisis intervention in an organizational setting. Students will think critically about the role of the nonprofit and public sector in the community in times of crisis.

Contemporary Policing (3)

This course will focus on the development, operation, and evaluation of both evidence based policing methods and community initiatives, including developing effective public private partnerships in this area. Students will learn to develop effective crime prevention programs through critical analysis of case studies and current research with a goal of identifying the key factors that influence effective policies and the challenges of implementation.

Nonprofit Administration and Organizational Theory (3)

This course will focus on administrative matters that are often unique to the nonprofit sector. Students will explore the nonprofit sector as a reflection of civil society creation and development. Topics such as volunteer management, commitment to mission and other management areas will be addressed. [Cross-listed: Social Work 681]

Grant Writing and Fundraising (3)

This course will prepare students to pursue funding opportunities for nonprofit organizations. Event planning, social media campaigns and other activities of fundraising will be covered as well as an introduction into grant writing. Students will apply their learning with projects from their real-life work. [Cross-listed: Social Work 685]

Nonprofit Law (3)

This course provides an overview of the law as it relates to the nonprofit sector, students will be given a foundation in a Christian legal perspective along with an overview of legal issues in several areas relevant to nonprofits. In each area, students will explore foundational concepts, emerging issues, and practical application to a chosen nonprofit organization. Areas of potential coverage include formation, governance, employment, operations, fundraising/donations, advocacy, partnerships, and taxation.

**Students will have a choice of four emphases courses

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