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Up the Hill: Folk tales from the grave

by James C. Schaap

Set in a small prairie town in northwest Iowa, and narrated from the grave in a voice that is often humorous, elucidatory, and enlightening, these interconnected folk tales capture how the dearly departed handle being spirits in a world that continues on without them, but also with them. In Up the Hill, death is intimate, and sometimes painful, but it is a threshold to understanding '€”not only for the deceased, but for the living. The result is forgiveness, redemption, and divine intervention and proof that '€œyou get a whole lot smarter when you die.'€

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$ 15.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-15-0 / paperback / 175 pages / 2016
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Reading Mother Teresa: A Calvinist looks lovingly at "the little bride of Christ"

by James C. Schaap

Mother Teresa'€™s dedicated love for the poor of Calcutta brought her admirers from around the world. Millions loved her, none more than the forgotten she felt called to serve. But few had any idea that her love for God seemed at times unrequited, that '€œthe little bride of Christ'€ felt herself somehow outside the range of God'€™s love. In a series of meditations, James Calvin Schaap tells the story of Teresa of Calcutta and reflects on the deep faith but also the nagging doubt that characterized one of the most beloved human beings of the 20th century.

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$ 14.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-13-6 / paperback / 160 pages / 2015
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Deepening the Colors: Life Inside the Story of God

by Syd Hielema

The purpose of this book is to explore questions like, '€œWhat is my place in God'€™s world?'€ and '€œWhat am I called to do and be, and how do I know?'€ These questions often take us through fogs of confusion, and they also drive us to our knees. But Jesus does not usually answer our prayers with a great light that instantly melts away our fog. His way tends to respond to our questions with more questions, deeper questions, questions that expand our range of vision as though he is taking us up in an airplane to help us see the bigger picture, the bigger questions. The question, '€œWhat is my place in God'€™s world?'€ is a bit like asking, '€œHow does the one piece of the jigsaw puzzle that is my life fit into this multimillioned piece picture?'€ To process that question, we need to know the shape and color of our particular piece and we need some sense of the entire picture.

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$ 14.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-11-2 / paperback / 191 pages
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Exercising Our Worldview: Brief essays on issues from technology to art from one Christian's perspective

by Charles Adams

This book is a collection of 139 brief essays that originated as five-minute radio commentaries. Soon after coming to Dordt College in 1979, Adams established a habit of writing for the '€œPlumbline'€ program on the college'€™s radio station (KDCR 88.5 FM), the last of which was broadcast early on in 2008. He saw these pieces as an opportunity to refine and articulate his own perspective on technology as much as a way of stimulating thinking, discussion, and right living in the broader community. In Dr. Adams'€™ words, these essays '€œmake no claim to doctrinal purity, absolute truth, inerrancy, infallibility, or orthodoxy. They represent rather a humble attempt to wrestle with some of the problems faced by Christians as they try to live in faithfulness to the Word of God.'€

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$ 25.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-10-5 / paperback / 470 pages / 2014
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Beyond Control: Heart-centered classroom climate and discipline

by Alan Bandstra

Classroom discipline problems may be reduced through behavior management. But what can be done about the factors that drive misbehavior? Weeds like negativity, apathy, and unkindness are too slippery to be uprooted through consequences or incentive plans alone. A heart-centered classroom climate aims beyond exterminating the bad by striving to grow something more positive in its place. Combining insights from motivational theory, Scripture, and 25 years of classroom experience, Bandstra provides encouragement and advice to teachers who struggle with the attitudes of wayward children. Despite the serious nature of this topic, his narrative style makes the book easy to follow and fun to read.

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$ 14.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-12-9 / paperback / 174 pages / 2014
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The Cause of Christian Education 

by Richard J. Edlin, Ed.D.

In this (extensively revised and expanded) fourth edition of The Cause of Christian Education, Edlin explores the reasons for and the distinctives of Christian education at the school and higher education levels. He highlights foundational belief perspectives and shows how these apply to curriculum and related areas, such as vision and mission, the place of the Bible, evaluation and assessment, the teacher as mentor, and professional development. It includes a special section for Christians in public school settings.

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$ 20.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-09-9 / paperback / 392 pages / 2014
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Cultural Education and History Writing: Sundry writing and occasional lectures

by Calvin G. Seerveld
John H. Kok, editor

Seerveld sees a central role in education for '€œunderstanding and developing history,'€ but then '€œhistory'€ not as rote rehearsal of what has transpired but as past and present events in their complex interrelation. Education is inevitably an induction into our cultural heritage; conceived ecumenically, in the spirit of loving our neighbors and their '€œmistaken visions,'€ wherever and whenever they may be. But as these seventeen essays make plain, we are initiators'€”culture-makers, shapers of history, and also history-keepers'€”as much as we are inductees.

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$ 23.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-04-4 / paperback / 388 pages
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Redemptive Art in Society: Sundry writings and occasional lectures

by Calvin G. Seerveld
John H. Kok, editor

Art, for Seerveld, belongs to the very infrastructure of a good society in the same way that a country'€™s economy, transportation system, or media network do: '€œWith a vital artistic infrastructure priming its inhabitants'€™ imaginativity, a society can dress its wounds and be able to clothe and mitigate what otherwise might become naked technocratic deeds.'€ These fourteen writings and lectures address the need for Christian public artistry and ways in which Christians can be stewards of art.

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$ 21.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-01-3 / paperback / 328 pages
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Art History Revisited: Sundry writings and occasional lectures

by Calvin G. Seerveld
John H. Kok, editor

The essays in Art History Revisited follow a general course from the historiography of philosophy to the historiography of art and aesthetics to analyses of individual artists like Antoine Watteau and Gerald Folkerts and the theory and practice of artist/aestheticians like William Hogarth and Anton Raphael Mengs. As this selection of essays attests, Seerveld is both well-versed in the history of art and has made significant contributions to the field as well.


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$ 20.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-03-7 / paperback /314 pages
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Cultural Problems in Western Society: Sundry writings and occasional lectures

by Calvin G. Seerveld
John H. Kok, editor

These eight lectures explore the unfavorable conditions in which European society and its Christian artists find themselves today. Seerveld masterfully locates current quandaries in the large time frame stretching from Ancient Greece to the present, all the while introducing normative alternatives that are biblically oriented. The artwork of mostly 20th century or contemporary artists that he includes exemplify the kind of redemptive, modern, Christian art Seerveld is advocating.

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$ 17.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-02-0 / paperback / 212 pages
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Explorations in the History of Psychology: Persisting Themata and Changing Paradigms 

by Harry A. Van Belle

Van Belle traces the history of psychology from its roots in Greek philosophy and includes a description of the later influence of the Hebraic-Christian mindset on that history. Subsequently, he follows the journey of psychology through the Middle Ages and the scientific revolution of the 16th century. Next, he describes the birth and trajectory of psychology proper during the 19th century and closes with a description of a number of the more contemporary schools of psychological thought. The underlying thesis of the text is that the history of psychology gives evidence of both continuity and discontinuity in interaction with one another. Thus, to do justice to the actual history of psychology one must take note of both persisting themata and changing paradigms.

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$ 17.00 retail / ISBN: 978-0-932914-99-6/ paperback /258 pages
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Normative Aesthetics: Sundry writings and occasional lectures

by Calvin G. Seerveld
John H. Kok, editor

Seerveld is convinced that philosophical aesthetics'€”systematic reflection on the nature and task of human imaginative life'€”will be normative when the thought is wholesome, edible, worth chewing, and builds the body of a community with joyful shalom. These writings and lectures aim to spell out some of what this aesthetic imperative means for human imaginative acts, for the arts, and for the other acts and institutions where aesthetic functions play a role.

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$ 21.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-00-6 / paperback/ 330 pages
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Reformed Epistemology: The relation of Logos and Ratio in the history of Western epistemology

by Dirk H. T. Vollenhoven
Translation and introduction by Anthony Tol
Edited by John H. Kok

Vollenhoven was professor of philosophy at the VU University Amsterdam from 1926 to 1963 and one of the founders of Reformational philosophy. This book is a translation of his inaugural address Logos en Ratio: Beider verhouding in de geschiedenis der westersche kentheorie (1926).

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$ 14.00 retail / ISBN: 978-0-932914-98-9 / 170 pages paperback
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Biblical Studies and Wisdom for Living: Sundry writings and occasional lectures

by Calvin G. Seerveld
John H. Kok, edito

In these 30-plus essays, talks, and articles, Seerveld opens Scripture in a variety of life contexts in which God'€™s people find themselves today. In both his professional studies and popular lectures Seerveld seeks to explicate, both devoutly and playfully, a biblical wisdom for daily living, convinced as he is that the Holy Spirit-given biblical writings bespeak God'€™s everlasting care and wisdom for us corporeal mortals. Just as Susanna Oppliger'€™s ceramic angel (on the cover) shelters the exhausted, scared Elijah (1998), waking him up to carry on the Lord'€™s appointed tasks, just so, suggests Seerveld, following Jesus Christ through this wonder-filled, troubled lifetime bodes strength and hope for the morrow.

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$ 25.00 / ISBN 978-1-940567-06-8 / paperback / 446 pages
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Acquainted with the Light

by Mike Vanden Bosch

Mike Vanden Bosch remembers how, as a young boy growing up on a farm in Iowa, he heard news of World War II. He also has memories of the hardworking farmers who lived nearby, and he recalls the wild animals he encountered on a daily basis. He has, in recent years, experienced the sting of death and the power of God's grace. These memories and more serve as inspiration for this book of poetry.

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$10.00 / 978-0-932914-91-0 / paperback


Illuminated Manuscript

by David Schelhaas

In his latest book of poetry from Dordt College Press, Dave Schelhaas celebrates the Creator and creation. In some poems he ruminates on his years as an assistant English professor at Dordt, while in others he chronicles the changes he sees in weather and in nature during morning walks.

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$10.00 / 978-0-932914-95-8 / paperback



Kuyper in America

by Abraham Kuyper

edited by George Harinck

While traveling from the Netherlands in 1898 to the United States, Kuyper penned 22 letters to his wife and children back home. These letters contain fascinating details about his trip and the enigmatic figure of Abraham Kuyper.

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$11.00 / 978-0-932914-93-4 / paperback



The Matrix Reformed

by Bart Cusveller, Maarten Verkerk, and Marc de Vries

Using themes of science fiction, technology, and Christian Philosophy, The Matrix Reformed asks the question "What can a genre of popular films like science fiction tell us about the culture we live in?"

The book also depicts how through science fiction films some people view "the origin, purpose, and meaning of their existence."

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$14.00 / 978-0-932914-90-3 / paperback


On Kuyper: A Collection of Readings on the Life, Work, and Legacy of Abraham Kuyper

edited by Steve Bishop and John H. Kok

Abraham Kuyper was a "theologian, church reformer, politician, journalist, statesman, [and a] prime minister" who, during his lifetime, founded a church denomination, a university, and a political party. This compilation of essays shows how "his impact and legacy will stretch into the twenty-first century" as scholars use "the Kuyperian framework to critique and develop Christian perspectives on the church, miracles, education, politics, scholarship, fashion, art, science" and more.

As explained in the book, "no area of life is exempt from the claims of the risen Christ. This was certainly true for Kuyper: he not only preached it, he lived it."

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$36.00 / 978-0-932914-96-5 / paperback


Ruth: The Story of God's Unending Redemption

by Robert A. Wauzzinski

A pastoral study of the Old Testament book of Ruth, this book focuses on its central character and on the God of '€œcascading grace.'€ Intended for adult classes, book groups, and Bibles studies.

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$14.00 / 978-0-932914-828 / paperback



Sharing the Road: A Journey through Parkinson's Disease

by Case J. Boot

"Throughout my life...I have sought to serve the Lord. After I was diagnosed with Parkinson'€™s disease, I felt that even in this situation I could be useful to others. My intent with this little book is to help others by sharing the story of God'€™s faithfulness to me, to provide information about Parkinson'€™s and how to live with it positively, and to encourage family and friends and those who have Parkinson'€™s disease. This book is my way of responding to the Lord'€™s call to serve him and others.'€

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$7.00 / 978-0-932914-89-7 / paperback