Scholarship Giving

Scholarships directly impact students and can be the difference between simply going to school and the opportunity to study, compete, work, and play in a vibrant Christ-centered community.

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Why Give?

Student scholarship support ensures that Dordt remains competitive, helps to maximize value, and is economically feasible for any student who desires to pursue a Christ-centered education.

Giving Options

Student Scholarships provide financial aid that is unique to each student. Grants that encourage community and participation, scholarships that support academic growth and promise, and awards that recognize diverse financial need. Each gift helps to provide and care for a student’s unique financial situation.

Each year, Dordt University alumni make a tangible difference in the lives of over 50 students through their support of the Alumni Scholarship Drive. Helping to fund scholarships for freshmen, sophomores, and upperclassmen, alumni play an important role in a student’s decision to attend and continue at Dordt.

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Annually funded named scholarships are established with a gift of $2,000 or more and a commitment to continue that support for a minimum of five years.

Contact us: 712-722-6020

Endowed scholarships are funded with a gift of $50,000 or more and are awarded based on the invested earnings of the funds.

Contact us: 712-722-6020

The Rooster Booster Scholarship

The Rooster Booster Scholarship is funded by close friends and strong supporters of Dordt University who share a love of pheasant hunting. Since 2006, Rooster Boosters have raised more than $4.3 million in scholarships

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