Voter Registration

As Christians who desire to function effectively as kingdom citizens, we should be willing to be active members of our democratic government. A good way to be active is to vote.

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A Letter from the Iowa Secretary of State

Most of you are registered in your home state and will need to request an absentee ballot for the November elections. Most states have a web site from which you can request an absentee ballot request form. If you go to the website for your state, you can either find this request or the procedure you must go through to request an absentee ballot.

You can also still register to vote in Iowa or your own home state if you wish. To register in Iowa, click on the Iowa website and mail in the registration form. To register in your home state, go to the appropriate website and follow the instructions to register online or print out and mail in an application.

On voting day, those of you registered in Iowa will be able to vote in Sioux Center.

Most states have deadlines for an absentee request, so please pay prompt attention to this matter.

Dual citizens can register to vote in any state you are residing in, which right now is Iowa.

If you just got married you can still vote in your home state or in Iowa. If you changed your name, you should re-register to vote.

Canadians wishing to vote absentee in their home elections can find instructions for this at: