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Dordt College, St. Luke’s College Renew Agreement

September 3, 2003

Officials from Dordt College, Sioux Center and St. Luke’s College in Sioux City met Sept. 2 to renew their agreement for their collaborative nursing education program.

Nineteen returning upperclassmen are continuing their nursing education this fall at St. Luke’s and Dordt College. Under the partnership’s 1-2-1 plan, students attend Dordt College for the first and fourth years of their education and commute to Sioux City their second and third years to take core nursing courses at St. Luke’s College, combining the best of what each institution has to offer. St. Luke's Signing

Program participants earn a four-year bachelor of health science degree from Dordt College along with a two-year associate of science in nursing degree from St. Luke’s College. The bachelor’s degree incorporates courses from business, psychology, health, science or sociology for a fully rounded education. “Nurses who have been educated to function in multiple roles will have an advantage in the job market,” said Pam Hulstein, director of Dordt College’s health science program and coordinator of health services. “Nurses today can work in hospitals, community health centers, business, industrial and occupational health, health care administration and affiliated services. All require a solid educational background that incorporates analytic, business and interpersonal skills.”

The two colleges first signed the agreement three years ago on Sept. 7, 2000. The renewed agreement is for five years. Nine students finished their second year at St. Luke’s College last May to earn their two-year associate degree and six are now in their final year of education on the Dordt campus to earn their four-year degree next spring.

“We are very pleased that Dordt College has chosen to renew and extend this agreement”, said Michael Stiles, St. Luke’s College chancellor. “There is no doubt that the students from Dordt have enriched and enhanced the quality and diversity of students at St. Luke's College. Our renewal reflects the high quality education available through this collaborative venture. The graduates are in high demand and have been immediately successful in obtaining professional nursing positions in their preferred specialty areas and in their preferred locations.”

“The collaborative program brings together two institutions with strong faith-based backgrounds, while providing increased opportunities for both the graduates and the colleges,” adds JoAnn Breyfogle, dean of academic services and nursing program director of St. Luke’s College.

Dordt College is a four-year, liberal arts institution located 45 miles north of Sioux City, in Sioux Center. Dordt offers students over 50 areas of study along with a graduate program in education.

St. Luke’s College is affiliated with St. Luke’s Regional Medical Center in Sioux City and offers clinical experiences at St. Luke’s, local clinics and community settings to enable students to work alongside St. Luke’s health care professionals in a variety of health care areas.

In addition to nursing, St. Luke’s College also offers associate of science degree programs in radiology and introduced a new program in respiratory care this fall.

Persons seeking more information on the health sciences major program, or other information about either institution, may call Dordt College at 1-800-343-6738 or St. Luke’s College at 1-800-352-4660, ext. 3149.

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