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The New City travels the country

June 23, 2014

For the second summer in a row, the Dordt College Campus Ministries Office will send a team of musicians and worship leaders on the road. The six-student group known as The New City will spend 11 weeks leading devotions and a contemporary style of worship at junior high and high school camps, SERVE Projects, and churches in the Midwest.

“These students are gifted musicians and have been involved in leading worship on campus throughout the school year,” says Campus Ministries Coordinator Jonathan De Groot. “All of them will likely continue doing so long after graduation.”

De Groot has the team scheduled for a different camp or event each week. On weekends they’ll participate in worship at churches that have requested their services. De Groot keeps a database of such requests, many of them from churches that wish to incorporate contemporary worship into their services, but feel they would like some help doing so.

The New City has a repertoire of about 30 songs drawn from top CCLI lists and from Dordt’s 50 Classic Hymns list. De Groot describes the worship style as contemporary, reverent, and celebrative.

“They’ve been learning how to work with a variety of people and how to minister in different contexts,” said De Groot. “Students have opportunities to use what they’ve learned; those they serve see something of what is going on at Dordt College; and the college has an opportunity to give back to its supporting community.”

De Groot hopes to send out two traveling praise teams next school year.

“I have to turn down as many requests as I accept,” he said.

Although the majors of the individual members of the team range from engineering to exercise science to digital media to theology, many of them work with Campus Ministries, and Freshman Marta Vander Top is also a worship arts minor.

“Being on a praise team has definitely been one of the highlights of my first year here,” Vander Top said. “When asked to be a part of this summer’s team, my answer was almost an automatic yes. This will be good practice for me as I prepare to be a praise and worship leader next year on campus.”

She's looking forward to the summer travels. “I can’t wait to see what God does with us through our voices, instruments, words, and actions,” said Vander Top.

Sally Jongsma

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