Dordt College News

Art lessons

January 23, 2012

Art Professor Matt Drissell knows that one of the best ways to learn about teaching art is to teach art.

Because of this, he and four students in his class, Art for the Elementary Teacher, planned and offered workshops for children from the community last fall.

Junior elementary education major Christina Gould admits that before she and her classmates could teach children about art, they had to learn about the basics themselves: “We learned about many different mediums—painting, drawing, 3D art—and how to integrate art into other subject areas, from math to social studies.”

As a reading minor, Gould was particularly interested in trying to integrate visual art with language arts. She says, “I love seeing how art fits with and enhances literature in so many ways.”

Senior Kimberly Brinkerhoff explains, “Art teachers help students see shapes and values. It’s a process of training the eyes to see what we often overlook.” She developed a lesson that taught students to see silhouettes and understand positive and negative space.

Each of the Dordt art students taught a lesson to a group of about 15 children. Brinkerhoff and Gould used their lessons at Kidzone, an afterschool program for children in the community held at First Reformed Church in Sioux Center. Senior Michelle Stam and junior Liesl Scholten taught their lessons in Dordt’s art studios and invited children of Dordt faculty and staff.

“It was fun to see the curiosity of the students,” says Brinkerhoff. “It was encouraging to me, as the teacher, to see my lesson plans come alive in their drawings by the end of class. I was so excited about teaching after coming back from that experience.”


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