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Seniors to present research projects

April 19, 2012

As the school year ends, students are finalizing projects and concluding research. Dordt College is offering the opportunity for the community to see and hear about the biology and agriculture research and engineering projects students have done this semester.

Biology Studies Research
Seven biology students will present their research on Wednesday, April 25, at 5 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center lecture hall SB108. The schedule is as follows:
• 5:30 p.m: Michelle Palmer (Wayne, New Jersey): “Using UAA Site-Directed Mutagenesis to Evaluate Integrins”
• 5:45 p.m.: Sarah Finley (Sycamore, Illinois): “Estimating Population Densities of Eurasian Collared Doves in Five Northwest Iowa Habitat”
• 6:05 p.m.: Deborah Jude (Escondido, California): “Determining Mutations in Canine parvovirus-2b by Heteroduplex Analysis”
• 6:25 p.m.: Erica Lieuwen (Lethbridge, Alberta): “Is Cux1 involved in the Differentiation of Spermatogonia?”
• 6:45 p.m.: Lunch
• 6:55 p.m.: Will McClain (Miller, South Dakota): “Examination of the ACE Gene (I/D Polymorphism) in Dordt College Varsity Athletes”
• 7:15 p.m.: Kellen Otte (Monterey, California): “Is there activation of the Intrarenal RAS in RBP-Jk mice?”
• 7:35 p.m.: Doug Veldhuisen (Emo, Ontario): “Inhibition of Canine parvovirus Binding with Synthetic Peptides”

Agriculture Presentations
Eleven groups will present their projects on Wednesday, April 25, at 6:30 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center classroom SB101. The order of presentations is as follows:
• Andrew Hopkins (Havelock, Iowa): “Yield Igniter: On-Farm Trial of Humic Acid Applied to Corn”
• Andrea Meier (Harris, Iowa), Christina Lloyd (Westfield, Iowa), and Grace Choi (Colombo, Sri Lanka): “Assessing the Understanding of Agriculture in Northwest Iowa and the Implications of Hands on Learning”
• Ben Olthoff (Sioux Center, Iowa) and Mia Boonstopple (Smithfield, New Brunswick): “Modeling the Dynamics of Johnes Disease in Dairy Herd Populations”
• Sally Winkel (Waupun, Wisconsin), Nate Sahr (Bricelyn, Minnesota), and Leah Forbes (Fremont, Michigan): “Feed Additives in Dairy Calves”
• Talia Baker (Akron, Iowa) and Cory Sims (Sioux Center, Iowa): “Effectiveness of Equine Wormers”
• Rachel Daw (Farmington, Iowa) and Erin Davelaar (Brandon, South Dakota): “Comparing Colostrum Management Methods to Reduce Health Risks in Dairy Calves”
• Phil Nywening (Thamesville, Ontario): “Effect of Methionine on Breeder Broiler Egg Size”
• Devin Bell (Sidney, Montana), Jason Hengeveld (Sheldon, Iowa), and Nico Vankeulen (Surrey, British Columbia): “Agricultural Opportunities of Mozambique”
• Ellen Van Den Top (Rock Rapids, Iowa), Brett Westra (Hull, Iowa), and  Austin Bosma (Hospers, Iowa): “Designing a Feed By-Products Lab”
• Tyler Woodward (Hamburg, Iowa) and Braden Kooiker (Orange City, Iowa): “Effects of Micro-Nutrient from Manure Applications”
• Nic Brouwer (Clara City, Minnesota): “The Comparison on Wheat Health using ESN Fertilizer Against Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer”

Senior Engineering Design Presentations
Several students will present eleven projects, each eight-minutes long, on Wednesday, May 2, at 7 p.m. in the Science and Technology Center classroom SB101. The order of presentations is as follows:
• Nathan Gross (Gilbert, Arizona), Karl Makatenas (Toms River, New Jersey), Josh Pearson (Grove City, Minnesota): “Hearing Assistance Induction Loop”
• Sam Du Mez (Brookfield, Wisconsin), Eric Heynen (Sheldon, Iowa), Mike Woudenberg (Carefree, Arizona): “Small Scale Wind Turbine”
• Darrin Beekman (Coon Rapids, Minnesota), Jake Miller (Prinsburg, Minnesota), Ethan Ulrich (Red Wing, Minnesota): “Biological Tissue Tensile Tester”
• Dan Baas (Corsica, South Dakota), Tyler Buys (Hull, Iowa), James Hondred (Sioux Center, Iowa), Brad Trimm (Cicero, New York): “Enhanced Fishing Boat Access”
• Nathanael Couperus (Grimsby, Ontario), Steven DeLawyer (Joice, Iowa), Luke Reznecheck (Hanover, Minnesota), Mark Van Weelden (Brookfield, Wisconsin): “Denitrifying Bioreactor”
• Bob De Smith (Sioux Center, Iowa), Paul Kleyer (Rock Valley, Iowa), Sam Yang (Merida Yucatan, Mexico): “Solar Cooling”
• Johnathan Gallagher (Hornick, Iowa), Kyle Heidema (Manhattan, Montana), Jacob Wieberdink (Raymond, Minnesota): “Biomass Waste to Energy”
• Marty Haverly (Pella, Iowa), Blair Knutson (Magnolia, Minnesota), Brooks Knutson (Magnolia, Minnesota): “Fluidized Bed Gasifier Product Stream Treatment”
• Jordan Loar (Maple Grove, Minnesota), Stephen Pederson (Gretna, Nebraska), Jon Slaber (Brookfield, Wisconsin): “Water Tower Gin Pole Apparatus”
• Jason Friend (Zillah, Washington), Ryan Kamp (Tinley Park, Illinois), Ben Nydam (Chatham, Ontario): “Kuhl Barn Solutions”
• Nolan Hagge (Princeton, Iowa), Benjamin Hofland (Marne, Michigan): “Biochar Cookstove”

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