Dordt College News

Students present research at national conference

April 17, 2012

Eight Dordt College students participated in the annual National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah, during Spring Break last month. This is the largest group that Dordt has sent to the conference in its five years of participating; six students are Kuyper Scholars and two are upperclass chemistry majors.

NCUR is a cross-disciplinary conference open to undergraduates only. This year 3,100 students participated. Students and those in attendance were able to sit in on presentations of their choosing.

“What I like about NCUR is that it gets our students out of the familiar environment of Dordt and into a setting where the audience is neither familiar nor necessarily of the same mindset,” said Carl Fictorie, Dordt College professor of chemistry and co-director of Kuyper Scholars Program (KSP).

“Because NCUR draws students from across the country, from every type of college and university, and from the full range of academic disciplines and philosophical and theological perspectives, students have to prepare for a different audience, often one that will challenge their assumptions and principles,” Fictorie continued.

Presentations from Dordt College included the following:

• Kristin Janssen (Hospers, Iowa): “The Stolen Generation”
• Caroline Eckstrom (Stanton, Nebraska) and Lisa Young (Anaheim, California): “Orwell and Hemingway on War: The Enemy and How to Fight it”
• Eckstrom: “The Great Plains: Divine or Demonic?”
• Alex Pasker (Runnells, Iowa) and Janssen: “Addressing Language Diversity in American Schools”
• Michelle Palmer (Wayne, New Jersey): “The Method for Measuring Levels of Oxidized and Reduced Thiols in Cells Using HPLC”
• Cesar Gomez Quintanilla (Monterrey Nuevo Leon, Mexico) and Jon Vogel (Rock Valley, Iowa): “Analysis of Functional Groups on Sulfonated Charcoals”
• Pasker: “Christian Values in Pride and Prejudice and Jane Eyre
• Jon Luetchens (Murdock, Nebraska): “A New Era of Agriculture Technology and Decision Making”

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