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Final senior artwork exhibits on display

April 16, 2012

The Dordt College art department presents the last of the three senior art exhibits, featuring work by Michelle Stam and Ellie Dykstra. This show of photography, graphic design, and interactive wood sculpture is the first time senior art students have presented a theme-based exhibit of all new work produced in their final semester. Professor Matt Drissell held regular meetings with the students as they created this work.

Michelle Stam, a graphic design major from Oskaloosa, Iowa, developed a series of wood constructions titled Why Care? Because they’re people too. The theme of social relationship and tolerance was creatively investigated through the use of interactive, figurative shapes that form a large-scale facial profile and various other hanging shapes and wall constructions. The individually cut and spray-painted shapes are both abstract and figurative, forming unique positive and negative shapes that suggest contorted positions of actual people.

Ellie Dykstra, a graphic design major, from Bozeman, Montana, has produced a series of Relationship Abuse Awareness posters and printed material titled Leave – Love Shouldn’t Hurt. Using statistical research, photography, and typography, Dykstra hopes to bring awareness and promote healthy relationships involving respect and trust. Ellie is also showing a series of creative photography of skateboarders, completed during the recent spring break photography workshop with visiting photographer René Clement of New York City.

Both students have ongoing graphic design work on display, as well. Their portfolios highlight college promotional work and professional work completed during internships with area organizations, including Rise Ministries and Alpha Omega Publishers.

The final student display in the Campus Center Art Gallery is called the Super Show and features examples of all graduating art major seniors. The exhibit, which will include a wide range of fine art media and graphic design, will be on display beginning April 30 through commencement ceremonies on Friday, May 4.

The department of art and design at Dordt College has five emphases in art including, fine art studio, graphic design, art history, art education, and pre-architecture. The Campus Center Art Gallery is open daily from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.

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