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Vanden Bosch reflects on God’s grace in “Acquainted with the Light”

December 12, 2011

Mike Vanden Bosch remembers how, as a young boy growing up on a farm in Iowa, he heard news of World War II. He also has memories of the hardworking farmers who lived nearby, and he recalls the wild animals that he encountered on a daily basis. He has, in recent years, experienced the sting of death and the power of God’s grace.

These memories and more serve as inspiration for the poems in Vanden Bosch’s latest book of poetry Acquainted with the Light.

“Some of the poems in this collection have been written at earlier times, while others are recently penned,” said Vanden Bosch, who was a professor of English at Dordt College for nearly 30 years.

The topics that Vanden Bosch discusses in his book are as varying as his memories. He divides the book into seven sections, each focusing on some of life’s greatest struggles as well as moments of hope and compassion. Vanden Bosch mourns the loss of friends and family in “Laments,” while “Poems about Animals” details his interactions with Sport the watchdog and other creatures around the farm.

Vanden Bosch currently resides in Sioux Center and is the author of several books, including Boy in the Wind. His poetry has been published several times and has been featured in a number of journals, including Briar Cliff Review, Lyrical Iowa, and Pro Rege.

Acquainted with the Light is published by Dordt College Press. It is available from the Dordt College Bookstore as well as from major online booksellers.

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