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“Charis” art exhibition crosses boundaries

October 12, 2011

The word “charis,” literally translated from Greek as “goodwill,” denotes sentiments like grace, favor, and cultural kindness. Charis: boundary crossings is an art exhibit that puts these sentiments on display in a visual way.

The title of the exhibit was chosen because “the term makes us think of our shared heritage as Christians and our unity in the body of Christ because it belongs no more or less to any one group,” said Rachel Hostetter Smith, curator and Charis project director.

The exhibit, which opens in the Dordt College Campus Center’s Art Gallery on October 17, features artwork from artists of Asia and North America whose collaborative efforts exemplify the beauty of cross-cultural understanding.

“Through their collaboration on many of these pieces, the artists were practicing the mutual goodwill and commitment to cross-cultural understanding the exhibit is hoping to encourage, finding productive ways to move beyond seeing ourselves as strangers so that we may become neighbors, family, and friends,” said Hostetter Smith. The body of work demonstrates “the need for people of faith to address real-world issues of social and economic justice, peace, and reconciliation, and the effects of globalization wherever one lives.”

The community is welcome to view the exhibit free every day from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m., in the Campus Center Art Gallery.

Dordt College offers more than 90 programs of study, including art degrees with five different emphases: art education, art history, fine art studio, graphic design, and pre-architectural art.

Contributing artists include: Roger Feldman, Edgar Talusan Fernandez, Daniel Enrique Garcia, Emmanuel Garibay, David J.P. Hooker, Barry Krammes, Ron O’Grady, Timur Indyah Poerwowidagdo, Rondal Reynoso, Wisnu Sasongko, Chris Segre-Lewis, Erland Sibuea, Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani, Jo-Ann Van Reeuwyk, and Soichi Watanabe.

Photo: Ni Ketut Ayu Sri Wardani
Nativity (2008)
Acrylic on canvas

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