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Dordt opens registration Sept. 1 for Israel trip with Ray Vander Laan

August 8, 2011

An ancient Rabbi said, “The best way to learn is with your feet.” Dordt College alumni and friends are invited to participate in a unique learning opportunity on a two-week journey through Israel with host Rev. Ray Vander Laan. The trip will be held from Sept. 6 to 21, 2012. Registration opens Sept. 1, 2011.

Vander Laan will walk with the group to many of the places where Jesus walked, teaching and traveling. He will take the group to the foothills where David fought Goliath and Samson met Delilah, into the desert where God led his people for 40 years, on ancient roads and hills where Jesus played as a little boy and taught as a Rabbi, and to the Mount of Olives to the narrow streets where Jesus walked.

This experience will challenge participants to read the text of the Bible in light of its cultural context so that they can gain an increased understanding of the unfolding of God’s plan to redeem his world.

This tour of Israel will demonstrate what lies at the heart of a Dordt College education – that Scripture and creation reveal a sovereign God whose kingdom is creation. Christ has rescued creation from the curse of sin, reigns as king over all, and summons those he has redeemed to work to establish his kingdom everywhere.

Participants should expect to walk and climb considerable distances each day (five to 12 miles a day) in direct sun with temperatures ranging from 80 to 115 degrees. The terrain is often rocky, hilly, and wet. Because of the strenuous nature of the journey, organizers advise participants to prepare by being in good physical condition and hiking regularly in warm and uphill conditions prior to the trip.

Vander Laan is the founder and developer of the Israel In Depth experience. He received his undergraduate degree from Dordt College in 1973 and his master of theology degree from Westminster Seminary in 1976. He also has done graduate study at the American Institute of Holy Land Studies in Jerusalem and Yeshiva University in New York, as well as at Trinity University International. Vander Laan is a religion instructor at Holland Christian Schools in Michigan, and he is an ordained minister in the Christian Reformed Church.

To learn more, contact Dianne De Wit in the Dordt College advancement office at (712) 722-6029 or Space is limited, and registration opens to the public Thursday, Sept. 1.

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