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Purple Martin Awards announced

May 9, 2011

Excellent writing deserves recognition, and the Dordt College faculty wants to show its appreciation to the students who have written interesting and thoughtful papers throughout the academic year.

The Purple Martin Awards are given each year in the categories of literary analysis, non-fiction, fiction, poetry, personal essay, narrative, and essay. First place winners are given $100, second place finishers receive $50, and all honorable mention winners receive special recognition. All Dordt College English professors are involved in the selection process. This year’s winners are as follows:

Literary Analysis
1st Place: Caroline Eckstrom, “The Great Plains: Divine or Demonic?”
2nd Place: Anna Visser, “Fine Dining"
Honorable Mention: Kiley Boone, “Surprisingly Similar Viewpoints: Conrad's Heart of Darkness and Achebe's Things Fall Apart”
Honorable Mention: Caroline Eckstrom, “Bertha and Edward: From Aversion to Sympathy”
Honorable Mention: Hannah Hart, “Sexuality in Shakespeare”

1st Place: Robert Minto, “Subversive Pedagogy: Calvin on the Political Role of the Theologian”
2nd Place: Alex Updike, “The City of God: Augustine Influenced by Plato and Scripture”
Honorable Mention: Hannah Hart, “Effects of Divorce on Children”
Honorable Mention: Hannah Hart, “Negative Aspects of Disney Movies”

1st Place: Robert Minto, “Revolution in our Hearts”
2nd Place: Kenyon Gradert, “Festival”
Honorable Mention: Danielle Richards, “Death of Matthew Freeman”
Honorable Mention: Robert Minto, “Uncle Allejandro”

1st Place: Kenyon Gradert, “Kenyon Allen Gradert,” “Midnight Bacon," “Valentine Day,” “Oxford,” “Fox Pups”
2nd Place: Danielle Richards, “February's Chill” and “Barista's Blessing”
Honorable Mention: Robert Minto, “Lines Written While Landing at Dallas Ft. Worth”

Personal Essay
1st Place: Kenyon Gradert, “Ebenezer”
2nd Place: Robert Minto, “Home for Lot's Daughter”
Honorable Mention: Abby Ponstein, “Home Sweet Home”

Narrative (Freshmen Only)
1st place: Sara de Waal, “Carrots”

Essays (Freshmen Only)
1st Place: Anna Visser, “Descendent of Tragedy”
Honorable Mention: Daniel Sutter, “Dawning of a New Age”

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