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Liturgical banners on display

May 17, 2010

Liturgical BannerCurrently on display in the Dordt College Campus Center Art Gallery is a retrospective exhibition of liturgical banners designed by Dordt College art professor, David Versluis. The show opened on Wednesday, May 19 and will run until Wednesday, July 14. The banners are on loan from Westview Christian Reformed Church of Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Just prior coming to Dordt, Versluis was commissioned by Westview CRC’s Worship Committee to develop a new series of worship banners. Featured in the show are banners that highlight and celebrate the sacraments of baptism, The Lord’s Supper, and “The Word” (pulpit paraments) as reminders of the ‘means of grace’. Marilyn Vanden Heuvel of Cutlerville, Michigan fabricated each of these appliquéd banners. In addition, a baptismal banner specially commissioned by Robert and Mary Molewyk Doornbos, of Grand Rapids, celebrating the birth of their son is included in the show. The Doornbos banner is now a piece that is brought out and used for every congregational baptismal occasion at Westview. Joan Dykstra of Grand Rapids fabricated the banner.

Also featured in the show is the “Firstfruits” banner, which was commissioned by the Westview CRC diaconate for the annual congregational stewardship, giving, and budgeting process. Versluis’s design is based somewhat on the Old Testament “Feast of Firstfruits” known as Yom HaBikkurim.

In addition to these and others created for Westview CRC, Versluis also developed numerous worship banners for Faith CRC in Tinley Park, Illinois. Versluis credits his teacher, artist Chris Stoffel Overvoorde, for his interest in liturgical art.

The Campus Center Art Gallery is open Monday through Saturday during the summer from 8:00a.m to 10:00p.m. This exhibit is free and open to the public.

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