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A philosophical look at art March 2 at Dordt

February 10, 2010


Anyone interested in art, graphic design, philosophy, architecture, or engineering is invited to Dordt College on Tuesday, March 2, when Professor Mark Tazelaar will discuss philosopher Martin Heidegger’s views about the nature of objects and things, and some of the ways philosophy, art, and design intersect.

Dordt’s student graphic design group is hosting the discussion, which begins at 7 p.m. and will be held in the Ribbens Academic Complex art studio, CL 1223.

According to Professor Tazelaar, “Heidegger talks about ‘things’ in many essays and lectures, from his earliest lectures in the early ’20s to his final seminars in the ’60s. The things he interprets are familiar, everyday things like tables, hammers, shoes, bridges, and jugs.”

Tazelaar will focus on two essays by Heidegger, “The Thing” and “Building Dwelling Thinking.” In these essays Heidegger focuses on jugs and bridges in discussing the nature of a thing.

Tazelaar notes, “Whether or not you agree with Heidegger, I can almost guarantee that you will not think about bridges, tables, jugs and milk cartons in the same way as you did before.”

Dr. Tazelaar has a Ph.D. in philosophy from Loyola University, and teaches perspectives of philosophy, ancient philosophy, contemporary philosophy, perspectives in physical science, and foundations of political thought.

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