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Ideafest at Dordt College April 30

April 24, 2008


IdeaFest 2008 will take place on the Dordt College Campus Center Wednesday, April 30, from 2:45-5:30 p.m.

Ideafest is an event at which students in a wide variety of majors present their research. It showcases to the campus and surrounding community the exciting research being conducted by Dordt students.

Sixty students will do oral presentations and/or PowerPoint shows, with 17 others contributing poster displays. Oral presentations will be 8-10 minutes long, with about five minutes for questions from the audience.

For a complete schedule and a brief summary of each presentation, see the webpage, or contact Professor Paul Fessler.

Complementary Humble Bean coffee will be available, as well as pizza for presenters and students in attendance.

Student presenters:
Joel Veldkamp, Cumming, IA: The History of Islamic Doctrine
Jake Compaan, Holland, MI: A New Way To Think About Development
Robert Kangas, Maple Grove, MN: Conscience: The Christian and Psychological Perspectives
David Posthuma, Brandon, WI; and Kerri Ewald, Smithers, BC: The Profitability of Hogging Down Corn
Robin Vander Heide, Houston, BC: A Novel Idea: Marrying for Love
Dereck Klaassen, Ellsworth, MN: The Effect of Corn Traits on Grain Yields and Overall Field Economics
Steven Mangold, Linn Grove, IA: Synchronizing Scripture and Science
Becky Lancaster, Cedar Rapids, IA; Eric Meeter, Spencer, IA; Danielle Roos, Sioux Center, IA; and Andrew Voss, Aplington, IA: Theatre and Religion
Daniel Den Boer, Sioux Center, IA: Abysmal Waters, Monsters and the New Jerusalem
Vern Eekhof, Sioux Center, IA; Dale Vande Griend, Hull, IA; and Nate Woudstra, Littleton, CO: Ride of a Lifetime
Rachel De Smith, Sioux Center, IA: Opposites Educate: The Learning Process in Northanger Abbey
Brittney Kajer, Allerton, IA: Slavery and Human Trafficking Today
Grant Dykstra, Highland, IN: Aid in Africa
Piper KuceraTraer, IA; and Ben Slager, Quincy, WA: Untitled movie is a story of a recovering alcoholic
Teresa Maas, Corsica, SD: Toxic Metals in Plastic Packaging
Ashley Kasper, Lansing, IL: The Face of Islam
Adrian de Lange, Aylmer, ON: Give it Up for the Emerging Church!
Lynn Edwards, Cannon Falls, MN: Psychology’s Place within the Christian Faith
Jeremiah Kats, Boise, ID; and Samuel Zylstra, Munster, IN: Effect of Caffeine on Working Memory in Regular and Irregular Caffeine Consumers
John Rutgers, Lynden, WA: Este Oscuridad Presente (This Present Darkness- Hispanic and Latin American Gangs)
Robert Minto, Mesa, AZ: The Aesthetics of Evil: An Attempt to Understand the Goth Subculture
Krystle Van der Waal, Boyden, IA: Dordt College and Sioux County during the Vietnam War
Trevor DeBey, Hull, IA: Motives
Alvin Shim, Sioux Center, IA; Hani Yang, Yucatan, and Jesse Brauning, Venice, FL: Dungeons and Dragons; Living the Fantasy
Sonja Doty, Chula Vista, CA: Studies in Islamic Literature across Time, Space, and Culture
Connie Du Mez, Brookfield, WI: Myths and Challenges in Economic Development
Emily Wierenga, Alsip, IL: Welfare Reform: Big City Reform in a Rural Community
Jenna Veenbas, Abbotsford, BC; Jesse Walhof, Le Mars, IA; Zachary Eggebeen, Sheboygan, WI; and Dan Den Boer, Sioux Center, IA: Theatre and Culture
Kimberly Deelstra, Shoreline, WA: Christianity and the Climate Crisis
Helen van Beek, Sioux Center, IA: Absolute Pitch and the Critical Age Hypothesis
Jacob Kroeze, Orange City, IA: Does Summer Camp have a Place in the Christian Family?
Matt Gerrelts, Waterloo, IA: Grace, The Root of Faith and the Influence of Augustine
Peter Hessels, Dunnville, ON; and Nathan Gorter, Sioux Center, IA: Tattoo Documentary
Steve Hickox, Escondido, CA; Amy Walker, Vista, CA; Aaron Burgers, Sioux Falls, SD; Adam Shirley, Mason City, IA; Andrew Cairns, Charlottetown, PE; Aaron Sandulte, Luverne, MN: Dordt Wind Turbine Feasibility Study
David Dick, McBain, MI: How Will Global Warming Affect the Dairy Industry?
Christina Harris, Oaxara, AZ: WASP and Their Termination
Luke Schut, Pella, IA: Subway Walls or 12-inch Vinyl: Simon and Garfunkel and the Breakdown of Communication in Modern Culture
Rachel Hondred, Altoona, IA: Four Color Theorem
Rachel Koopmans, Chatham, ON: Gender and the Holy Spirit
Sarah Deppe, Holland, MI: The Teaching of English as a Foreign Language in Honduras Compared to the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language in the US
Katiegrace Youngsma, Douglas, MA: Homosexuality from a Psychological Perspective

Poster Presentations
Ranae Draayer, Sioux Center, IA; Jena Mouw, Leota, MN; and Robin Van Zandbergen, Orange City, IA: Research Utilization: Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcers
Kimberly Deelstra, Shoreline, WA: Reduction of Parasites and Diseases in Honeybees
Leasa Nieuwsma, Urbandale, IA; Julie Van Kley, Sioux Center, IA: The Importance of Quality Mentorship Programs for Nurses
Becky Ritsema, Kalamazoo, MI; and Denise Stuit, Sioux Center, IA: Seasonal Affective Disorder
Catherine Bakker, Nanaimo, BC; Emily Hiemstra, Salem, OR: Nurse/Physician relationships; their effects on job satisfaction
Justin Krosschell, Sioux Falls, SD: General Education Laboratory Experiment Design and Evaluation
Sarah Seymour, Chula Vista, CA: Cougar Research in Northwest Iowa
Anna Fedders, Ireton, IA; and Stephanie Van Ruler, Sioux Center, IA: Health Literacy
Josh Bowers, Peyton, CO; and Erin Magnuson, Wayne, NE: Biomass-Based Solid Acid Catalysts for Biodiesel Production
Jaime Altena, Sioux Center, IA: The Effect of Cultural Diversity on the Helping Profession
Meredith Crilly, Knoxville, TN: Art and the Reformation

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