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Dordt College and Dutch university offer international exchange program

September 19, 2007

Cooperative Agreement with Gereformeerde Hogeschool

Dordt College recently renewed and expanded upon a cooperative agreement with The Gereformeerde Hogeschool, a Reformed University in Zwolle, The Netherlands. The new five-year agreement builds upon a partnership begun in 2000.

“This expanded partnership is an effort to provide high quality cross-cultural study opportunities for students in Europe and North America,” said Rockne McCarthy, vice-president of academic affairs at Dordt College.

Next semester (beginning in January) Dordt students will arrive in The Netherlands for a semester-long study and travel experience that includes the opportunity to live with a host family and select from several different academic tracks. Dordt students will have the opportunity to study European culture, history, international ministries, and international business studies.

Two nursing students at the Reformed University in the Netherlands will also participate in the exchange program, by coming to Sioux Center and participating in a four-month internship program at Dordt College.

Both Dordt College and the Gereformeerde Hogeschool are committed to offering a Christian education which implements and articulates a Reformed Christian worldview.

Representing Dordt College in the signing of the new agreement were Dr. Carl E. Zylstra (president) and Dr. Rockne McCarthy (vice-president of academic affairs). Representing Gereformeede Hogeschool were Drs. J.D. Schaap (president of the executive board) and Drs. B. Brand (vice-president of the executive board).

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