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Christianity and Leisure published by Dordt College Press

August 9, 2006

Christianity and Leisure

A newly revised edition of Christianity and Leisure: Issues in a Pluralistic Society has been released by Dordt College Press.

Originally published in 1994, this book of essays offers a uniquely Christian perspective on sports, leisure and athletics that is utilized in many Christian college classrooms.

Edited by Thomas Visker, Paul Heintzman and Glen Van Andel, the book is the product of four years of discussion by 22 educators, coaches, physical therapists and camp directors. Essays by contributors discuss topics including the implications of a theology of leisure for the New Age Movement, people with disabilities, contemplatives, and for humor and drama. Seven of twenty chapters are devoted to play, sports and athletics.

Christianity and Leisure offers sound insights that help readers face the challenge of living a life that is consistent with the Christian faith. The book is a healthy alternative view for those caught between work obsession and living for the weekends.

Editor Thomas Visker was a professor and head baseball coach at Dordt College when the book was originally released in 1994. He is currently professor of physical education at Bethel College in Mishawaka, IN. Paul Heintzman is an assistant professor in the Leisure Studies program at the University of Ottawa, and Glen Van Andel is a professor of recreation at Calvin College. Other contributing essayists are John Byl, Gordon Dahl, Don DeGraaf, Murray Hall, Russell Heddendorf, Shirl Hoffman, Robert Johnston, Kimberly Keller, James Mathisen, Gary Naylor, Cathy O’Keefe, Leland Ryken, Quentin Schultze, Gordon Spykman, David Stirling, Joseph Teaff, Gwen Wright and Marvin Zuidema.

The book is available at the Dordt College Bookstore, and from other area book outlets and on-line book outlets (ISBN 978-0-932914-66-8).

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