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Ideafest at Dordt College April 27

April 20, 2006

IdeaFest 2006 will take place on the Dordt College Campus Center Thursday, April 27, from 3-5:30 p.m.

IdeaFest is an event that showcases Dordt student research across a wide range of disciplines, including (but not limited to) history, English, psychology, physics and economics. The multidisciplinary event will include complementary pizza for presenters and those in attendance. Ideafest

Twenty-five individuals and three class groups will present their work in a variety of formats, including posters and Powerpoint shows. Oral presentations will be 8-10 minutes long, with about five minutes for questions from the audience.

Organizers of the event are enthused about this opportunity to showcase the accomplishments and exciting work being done by Dordt College students. Participants include:

Harah Sun, Sioux Center, “Searching for Myself.” Sun will read two personal essays/short stories.

Matthew Berkenpas, Orange City, “Extracting SUCKcess.” The prizewinning film created in October as part of a 48-hour National Film Challenge.

Heather Kooiman, Smithville, ON, Depression and alcoholism ina Powerpoint presentation.

Rachel Palmer Vermeer, Norfolk, VA, “Step into the Studio.” An art research project based on Johannes Vermeer, a Dutch painter from 17th century Delft.

Nate Gibson, Everson, WA, Dutch Immigration research poster presentation.

Andrew Roozeboom, Manhatten, KS, “The Role of Women in Economic Development.”

Nicole Maatman, Sioux Center, “Lefties: Hopelessly Doomed?” A presentation that examines why left-handers have a higher occurrence of some disorders.

Amanda Niewenhuis, Corsica, SD, “17th Century Dutch Landscapes.” An art research project on a collection of paintings from the Dutch Baroque Era of the 17th century.

Ashley Kasper, Lansing, IL, examining the themes and relevance of C.S. Lewis’ book, “The Four Loves.”

Rachel De Smith, Sioux Center, “A Sad Ending: The Decline of Reading in American Culture.” A look at literacy trends.

Micah Schuurman, Winfield, IL, “Logic.”

Robert Kangas, Plymouth, MN, “Programmable Logic.” A project intended to provide a more intuitive and economical method of learning about Programmable Array Logic (PAL) devices.

Joel Hummel, Coalhurst, AB, “The Effect of Arificial Stress on Barley Tillering.” A research study on whether artificial stress on plants increased tillering (the formation of lateral branches originating from the underground portion of a plant’s stem).

Elbert Bakker, Winnipeg, MB, “The Life and Death of Christ, A Tour of Artistic Interpretations.” An art research project on major Christian artwork throughout history.

Dena Nicolai, Edmonton, AB, “Unintended Kingdom.” Powerpoint.

Denise Swager, Grandview, WA, “The Idle Fool is Whipped at School.” A paper examining changes in educational values from 1650-1780.

Ann Andree, Wellandport, ON, “To be or not to be: Personhood.” A talk on the implications of being created in the image of God on relationships with others.

Jeff Gutierez, Alta Loma, CA, “Memory, Forgetting, and Identity: the study of a theme in two 20th Century Novels.” A comparison of Primo Levi’s autobiographical novel, “Survival in Auschwitz,” and Milan Kundera’s “The Book of Laughter and Forgetting.”

Sharon Schreur, Cedar Rapids, a Powerpoint presentation.

Connie Du Mez, Brookfield, WI, “Sex Trafficking: The Story You Won’t Find in the Papers.” A paper explaining the realities of the sex trafficking industry and how God’s call to justice and compassion applies.

Jeff Meuzelaar, Pella, “Sri Lanka: Post Effects of the Tsunami.” This presentation will specifically look at the overall economic impact of the 2004 tsunami on Sri Lanka, how the economic measurements have changed, and how effective external aid has been and if there might be any benefits from the disaster.

Chris Kuiper, Luverne, MN, “Motivation in Economics and Psychology.” A case study and exploration regarding the interaction and conflicts of the fields of economics and psychology.

Sharon Bultema, Cedar Lake, IN, “Corruption in the CIA.”

Jessica Braunscheweig, Randolph, WI, “Hard Times: The Two Sides of Life Reflected.” A comparison and contrast of the lifestyles of key characters in the Charles Dickens novel, “Hard Times.”

Andrea Dykshoorn, Abbotsford, BC, presentation.

Play Writing Class, a performance of several scenes written by students throughout the semester.

Political Studies Group, “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” Powerpoint and slide show.

Environmental Studies Group Powerpoint.

For more information, contact Professor Paul Fessler at 722-6254 or email

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