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Purpaleanie at the TePaske June 29 through July 2

June 15, 2005

Some might call Sietze Buning the Deep Throat of the Dutch Reformed. On June 29- July 2, Sietze and a dozen other performers will “go public” with four free stage performances at the Te Paske Theater in Sioux Center. The summer theater production, Purpaleanie, might best be described as everything you never knew about growing up on a farm near Middleburg, Iowa during the depression. Loaded with humor and insights, it was first presented in 1979 at Dordt College, and was a winner in the American College Theater Festival in 1981. Purpaleanie CastSietze is the pen name of the late Stan Wiersma, the author whose own Northwest Iowa life experience resulted in a book and this play adaptation by Verne Meyer. A bard and teller of folktales, his book Purpaleanie and Other Permutations was filled with narratives that celebrate a vanishing style of life and explore man’s universal spiritual nature. In Wiersma’s family, purpaleanie (pronounced purple-eenie) was the polite word used for “unmentionables” in a Dutch Reformed upbringing, all things sensual, which Sietze eventually concludes were God created to be celebrated and enjoyed. “This Jubilee production of Purpaleanie is the fourth that I’ve directed, and I continue to find its stories honest, often amusing, and always worth my vicarious re-living,” says director Verne Meyer. “In the context of a creation laced with ‘purpaleanie’ Sietze’s characters try to live obediently, fail sometimes, and ultimately rely on God’s grace.” The re-staging of Purpaleanie brings back the star of Dordt’s 1980 show, Stan Sturing, who is now a pastor in Saginaw, Mich. A dozen Dordt alumni, students, faculty and friends will share the stage in this play, with Benjamin Kornelis serving as choral director. Also performing are Kathy Fictorie, Anne Maatman, Janna Wesselius, Dawn Wolthuis, Sioux Center; Janie Van Dyke and Mark Huizenga, Orange City; Justin Vande Kerk, Hull; Jason Alons and Larry Bosma, Sanborn; Dallas Roskamp, Edgerton, MN; Ethan Koernor, Lincoln, NE; and Amanda Nyman, St. Albert, AB, Canada. Showtimes for Purpaleanie are Wednesday, June 29 at 7 p.m.; Friday, July 1 at 10 a.m.; and Saturday, July 2 at 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Tickets to attend the show are complementary, but reservations should be made in advance to ensure available seating. Call 1-800-343-6738, extension #3 to reserve tickets for any of the four shows or go to on-line registration at

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