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Business magazine ranks Dordt College among the best

September 9, 2004

Business Reform magazine has named Dordt College among the top 10 U.S. business colleges in four separate categories in the September/October issue of that publication.

Business Reform deals with today's business issues from a biblical worldview. In their profile of business institutions, the magazine said the schools named to their list “are those that are taking steps to educate students in how work and faith interact on an essential level.” After evaluating more than 100 colleges and universities nationwide, the list of schools that emerged were noted for “their dedication to producing strong Christian business leaders that are impacting all areas of the marketplace for the glory of God.”

Four criteria were used in the magazine’s college profiles:

1) How biblical is the foundation of the business program?

2) How much of an emphasis is placed on running a business versus just teaching students to get a job?

3) How did each of the schools’ business department heads rank other programs in overall quality?

4) What colleges offered the most business degrees and courses?

Dordt College was named second in the “Most Entrepreneurial” category. This category looked at which business programs best focused on entrepreneurship, or running one’s own business. Dordt’s business department is committed to shaping Christian students who become a positive influence in society.

Dordt College was also named second in the “Most Biblical Curriculum/Focus” category. The mission statement of Dordt College is “to be an institution of Reformed, Christian learning for the benefit of both students and the broader community by providing serviceable insight to prepare students for competent, obedient service in all aspects of contemporary life.”

Under “Most Degree and Course Options” Dordt College was ranked eighth for the courses and majors it offers to business majors. Students seeking a degree in business administration at Dordt College may choose a general major plus an emphasis in finance, human resource management, information systems or public administration, with more than 30 courses offered. A degree in business education is also offered, as well as a two-year administrative assistant associate degree.

Dordt College was also named among the top 10 in the “Deans Choice” category. This list was drawn up by asking the deans of Christian college business programs nationwide to pick their top ten recommendations for the best undergraduate business programs in the country.

This year was the first time Business Reform magazine surveyed and researched college and university business programs. The magazine expects to make it an annual tradition.

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