With the goal of maintaining a healthy campus, Dordt University asks all new incoming, transfer, and readmitted students to provide documentation of health and immunization information. This should be on file in the Student Health and Counseling Center prior to enrolling for a second semester. Please complete the following by July 1 (for the fall semester) and January 2 (for the spring semester).

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Immunization Requirements

Please obtain an official record of immunization that includes your complete immunization history. Confirm that your name and date of birth are on all pages of the record and that the required vaccines are listed. The document can be printed from your online health chart through your health care provider or your state health department’s immunization program. The Dordt University Immunization Record is also available for use if desired.

Students will need to upload their official record of immunization to the Online Student Health Portal. Hard copies and emailed copies are not accepted. Detailed instructions for uploading documents can be found in your Student Account Checklist.

Dordt strongly recommends that all students are up to date for all routine vaccines listed in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Immunization Schedule. In the event of an outbreak of vaccine-preventable disease on Dordt’s campus, under-vaccinated and unvaccinated students should be protected from exposure to disease and may need to leave campus to do so. The student will be responsible for any loss of tuition or housing fees, loss of credit hours, and/or missed assignments associated with this leave.

Applications for medical or religious exemption from required immunization(s) are available by contacting the Director of Student Health and Counseling at Applications for immunization exemption should be submitted to Student Health by July 1 (for fall semester), and January 2 (for Spring Semester).

Official documentation of immunization records is available through your local health care provider, state public health department’s immunization program, or the branch of the military that you or a parent have served in. If you are unable to locate immunization records, visit or

All incoming students are asked to complete the following forms:

  • Health History
  • Tuberculosis Screening Questionnaire
  • Privacy Policy and Authorization for Use

All required forms are located in the “Forms” section of the Online Student Health Portal, which is accessed through the Student Account Checklist.

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