Student Health Frequently Asked Questions

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To ensure that all communication between you and Student Health and Counseling is safe and confidential, we will communicate through an Online Student Health Portal (OSHP); this secure messaging tool is more secure than email. The OSHP can be accessed from your Student Account or from the Student Health and Counseling page on The OSHP is not for urgent concerns or emergencies; if you have an urgent need, contact us at 712-722-6990 and ask to speak to a nurse. If you have an emergency on campus, dial 911.

When we send you a message, you will receive an email to your Dordt account from This secure message will become a permanent part of your record. Please do not block these messages, instead, take the time to review them. If you ever have any concerns about the validity of a message, please contact us at 712-722-6990.

Please see the Immunization Requirements page.

Plan to bring:

  • A copy of your insurance card and some understanding of how your insurance plan works
  • Asthma medications: Fall harvest can trigger asthma symptoms in students who have been asthma free for many years. If you have a history of asthma with the use of inhalers or nebulizer, please bring those items to campus with you.
  • Prescription medications
  • Over the counter medications: allergy medication, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, sunblock
  • Thermometer
  • If you use injectable medications, protect others from injury, and bring a sharps container to campus.
  • First Aid supplies

Please make every effort to submit and upload forms by the requested date, this allows our office time to process your information and communicate with you about missing requirements, it will ensure that your medical record is ready when you arrive on campus. If your circumstances are such that you cannot complete the forms by this date, please do so as soon as possible. Athletes will not be able to practice with their teams until health information is on file.

You do not need to notify us that your forms will be late unless you expect that it will be after July 31 for the fall semester, December 31 for the spring semester. We request that you submit forms after this date only in extreme circumstances. If you cannot have forms completed by the July 31/December 31 deadlines, please email us at

All health and immunization forms must be submitted through the Online Student Health Portal. Information on how to access the portal and upload forms can be found in your Student Account Checklist.

If you are unable to upload forms, please fax them to our secure fax at 712-722-6991. We will scan the document and provide you with the digital file that can be uploaded.

The Online Student Health Portal (OSHP) provides you with access to your electronic health chart and is a secure messaging tool that is more secure than email. You will use the OSHP to submit health and immunization information, schedule visits, and exchange health-related messages with us. Information in the Portal will become part of your electronic health record in Student Health and Counseling. The OSHP can be accessed from your Student Account or from the Student Health and Counseling page on

The Online Student Health Portal and instructions for using it can be found in your Student Account checklist.

If you are experiencing difficulties using the Portal, try switching to another browser such as Chrome. If this does not correct the problem, please email us at or call us at 712-722-6990.

The Health and Immunization Requirement will turn to green after you have submitted the Health History form, Immunization Documentation, Tuberculosis Screening form, Consent to Treat, and Privacy Information, and Consent to Treat a Minor (if you are under 18, by August 1). Please allow 5 business days for documents to be processed.

Because we are asked to provide proof of immunization to other organizations and institutions, it is necessary that we have an official document of immunization to verify the information. Official records include an immunization record that you receive from your healthcare provider, electronic record from your healthcare provider’s online chart that you have access to, a copy from your state’s central immunization registry, or a copy from a branch of the military where you have served.

On the Immunization page of our website, you will find the Dordt University Immunization Record. This can be printed off and taken to your Healthcare Provider for them to complete.

If you cannot locate immunization records, you can choose one of the following:

  • You can be re-immunized
  • You can have a blood test to determine immunity. Please note that if your blood test indicates you are not immune, you will need to be re-immunized.

Consult The Centers for Disease Control’s Finding and Updating Vaccine Records.

Student Health does not administer immunizations and for that reason, it's best when required vaccines are administered prior to your arrival on campus. If you are unable to meet this requirement for logistical restrictions, Student Health will assist you in finding where to receive immunizations locally.

Dordt does not require that students provide proof of insurance. Student Health and Counseling do not charge for services (see Student Health and Wellness for more detailed information about services and fees). Off-campus medical and mental health services will incur charges and students should have a working knowledge of any health insurance they have access to.

All readmitted students who have previously met the University’s immunization requirement, are asked to complete and submit the online Health History information accessed from their Student Account. Health information should be submitted by July 1st for the fall semester, and January 2nd for the spring semester.

Still have questions?

If you have read through the FAQs and still have questions, please email us at or contact us at 712-722-6990. During the summer months, the office is open for business on Wednesday mornings, from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m.