When Worlds Collide

A Dordt student posing for a picture

When Becca was little, she enjoyed tinkering with things.

“Sometimes I would lock myself in my room and play with Legos for as long as I could,” she says. “I enjoyed building and designing things for myself. I knew I wanted to do something like that in real life.”

When it came time to go to college, she chose to study engineering at Dordt. But she found that she also liked to tinker in other ways – specifically, songwriting. During her freshman and sophomore year of college, she started writing songs. Writing ramped up during her junior and senior year, when a song she performed at Talent Extravaganza was a sensation on campus. She ended up recording her song in Dordt’s worship art studio.

“Dordt had all the resources for me to record, and I pretty much got to record my first song for free, which is pretty cool,” she says. “Usually recording costs quite a bit, and mixing and mastering and finding people who will do that for you is difficult. So having that resource in the worship arts area is important.”

"Having resources and people who have helped me to develop—that has prepared me for success."

Becca shared her rap music on Instagram and eventually entered a music competition. An owner of a record company noticed her post and reached out; eventually, he asked her to join his label.

Engineering and rap seem like two separate worlds, but at Dordt, Becca was able to pursue both interests. She is thankful for small class sizes and strong relationships with professors, both of which help her feel like she’s received a better education at Dordt than elsewhere.

“I’ve been able to talk more with my professors and get to know them. I’ve seen improvement over my four years because of what I’ve studied and spent my time on. Having resources and people who have helped me to develop—that has prepared me for success.”

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