Finding His Niche

Old photo of young man playing basketball, going up for layup

He started college unsure of his future career, but Kyle Van Arendonk definitely found his niche during his four years at Dordt. Kyle chose Dordt because it offered a Christian environment where he could focus on academics and basketball. But he also found more than what he was looking for.

"I chose a career path and began to prepare for it," Kyle said. "I also solidified much of my philosophy and beliefs about life, found a wife, and made great friendships with other Christians, all of which are still standing the test of time."

As a student, Kyle took advantage of many opportunities provided by Dordt. He went on PLIA and AMOR service projects, participated in the Future Physicians Club, worked in the athletic training room, and scored over 1,000 points for the Defender basketball team.

Following graduation in 2004, Kyle attended the University of Iowa Medical School.

"I always felt as well as, if not better, prepared than classmates who went to larger universities or schools with more prestigious names," he said about medical school.

Kyle is currently completing his residency at the reputable Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore. He is also working on his Ph.D. and performing clinical research. Kyle plans to complete a fellowship to become a pediatric surgeon.

Looking back, Kyle believes he truly found his place in God's world while at Dordt, and now, he strives to do his best while working at his career and bearing witness at the same time.

"In order to be the most relevant to the society around us," Kyle said, "we [Christians] need to be good at what we do and able to articulate what we believe and why. A Christian education can enable us to do both."