Leaning on God

A picture of Angelica Linabary

After attending two colleges before coming to Dordt, Angelica was anxious to make friends. She had resisted attending Dordt because so many people from her hometown go to Dordt and “everyone does it.” However, Angelica soon found friendships that will last forever and realized that Dordt’s community is more than a cliche.

“An example where I experienced community was when a person in my community in Montana passed away unexpectedly,” Angelica says. “Dordt came together to find a way for me and other students who were affected by this tragedy to go home for the funeral. This individual had gone to Dordt and when he passed away, his college golf coach and the president and his wife all flew to the funeral with us. His college friends and roommates were also at the funeral. I honestly don't know too many colleges that would do this for their students. He had been graduated for over 10 years and the community of Dordt came together to celebrate his life. This was truly something amazing.”

Angelica experienced Dordt’s community in many ways, but especially through track and field and the bilingual community. Although she is not the fastest runner, Angelica was challenged to be a better athlete and teammate and build lifelong friendships on the track team. Angelica also had many translating opportunities, using her ability to speak Spanish and English to help families in the community.

“Dordt has given [me] a space where I can use my love for helping others and being bilingual to not only serve other students but also to help those around the community who have needs but don't speak English. This has allowed for me to Do More and put the needs of others first, decreasing a barrier that is often found among those who can't communicate due to a language.”

Looking back, Angelica can see the ways that God worked to challenge and help her grow, surrounded by the right people. She learned to rely on the people around her and gain confidence. God is greater than our fears.

“Throughout my last three years at Dordt, I have been challenged in ways I never thought I would be challenged—both academically and spiritually. By being challenged I have become an individual who is okay with not being the best, trusting that God will carry me through the challenges that I may face not only at school but also in life. I have always hated asking for help, but being here has allowed me to be okay with asking for help not only from God but also from the people around me.”