Political Science Program Profile

The mission of the political science department is to equip students to actively engage as citizens in transforming society according to a kingdom vision that promotes public justice in a multicultural and multi-faith society.

We accomplish this by promoting knowledge of public affairs and an understanding of different perspectives on the relationship between the State and society, developing a working knowledge of the political process, and establishing a biblical foundation for understanding the political dimension of life through research, reflection, and robust dialog, extending from the local to the global levels of human relationships.

More about Political Science
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  • A personal department approach allows for one-on-one advising of each major and minor as well as small seminar classes.
  • A semester-long field experience in an off-campus program in a United States or international setting (e.g., Chicago, Washington, D.C., Middle East, Central America, Netherlands, Spain, China, Uganda).
  • An excellent history of graduates gaining admission to prominent graduate and law schools throughout North America.
  • Our alumni report being prepared to successfully enter a wide diversity of careers (e.g., government, education, business, nonprofit organizations, journalism, international agencies, public office, faith-based organizations).
  • We provide a uniquely biblically based education in politics that includes a strong liberal arts core, a major uniquely designed to meet the needs of each student, and a complementary major or minor in related fields (e.g., environmental studies, business, criminal justice, history, communication, foreign languages).


Students will be able to:

  1. Identify core biblical principles (e.g., justice, shalom, solidarity) that will guide them in understanding their role as citizens who have responsibilities in shaping a civil society.
  2. Articulate a Reformed, Christian perspective on candidates or policies that demonstrates a commitment to justice for all.
  3. Find, assess, and use reliable political information to apply critical thinking skills in evaluating political behavior, activities, and outcomes.
  4. Demonstrate written and oral communication proficiencies in persuasion compassionate listening and speaking truth with courage and humility.
  5. Describe and embrace a biblical, transformational vision of citizenship in Christ's kingdom.
  6. Demonstrate a spirit of love and joy through serving others with compassion.