A picture of Nicki Kuiper

Nicki Kuiper

Coordinator for Heartland Christian Schools, Domestic Tour Planning Coordinator

Christian education is a passion of mine, passed down from my parents, who spent their lives as teacher and administrator in Christian schools. I believe complete education involves telling the whole truth to students, including the truths found in scripture and how they impact every area of learning and living.

I have been an educator in Christian Schools for nearly 30 years and have spent most of my career in middle school classroom teaching math and language arts. I currently serve as an adjunct professor in the Education department, and work as the Coordinator for Heartland Christian Schools, serving 22 Christian Schools in Iowa, South Dakota, and Minnesota.

My husband, Dr. Bruce Kuiper, is a professor in the Communication Department. My son, Ben, and his wife, Emily, both graduated from Dordt and are living out their mission in Edgerton, Minnesota. My daughter, Lindsay, is currently attending Dordt and is pursuing a degree in Communication/Digital Media.

I am proud to be a part of the Dordt University community with people who live out their calling in their offices and classrooms each day. Dordt University has truly been blessed by God, and has been a blessing to me and my family.