Dr. Kevin Timmer

Professor of Engineering

I am a graduate of the Dordt University Engineering Department and have taught here for many years but during two different stints. I started teaching here right after I finished my Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering which I took up at Iowa State University directly after Dordt. While teaching with a Master's degree, I allowed the students to call me Master Timmer ; ). I taught for 9 years and then spent 6 years working as an engineer. Initially I worked for a bakery equipment manufacturer and then later designed heating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems for commercial buildings like banks and schools. I resumed teaching in 2003 and recently earned my doctorate degree. I am still getting use to my new title: Dr. Master Timmer : ). For my Ph.D. program at ISU I co-majored in Mechanical Engineering and Biorenewable Resources and Technology (BRT) and did research in the area of biomass gasification. Co-majoring in BRT allowed me to pursue my dual interests in environmental and mechanical engineering.