A picture of Andrea Carlson

Andrea Carlson

Tutorial Adjunct - Music Department

Dordt's Horn studio is much more than a place to learn to play horn! In our horn studio, I endeavor to strengthen and encourage players of all abilities and interests to learn more about yourselves, the horn, and music as part of a lifelong journey of self-exploration and self-improvement. Our horn studio fosters meaningful relationships that are build upon respect, encouragement, and support. Within our teacher-student partnership, I will help you realize your innate musical abilities and assist you in shaping your future, both as a lifetime musician as well as a successful young adult. I believe in customizing each students’ lesson experience to meet you where you are and gently guide you toward realizing your full potential. Together, we will explore solo horn and chamber repertoire, etudes and technical exercises specifically targeting your areas to improve , breathing and use of great air, audition preparation, and assistance with large ensemble literature. We also focus on developing a strong work ethic, dealing with performance anxiety, music/life/work/balance, and simply experiencing the joy of playing horn, whether it be as your career or otherwise!

  • Bachelor of Arts, Augustana College
  • Principal Instructors: Michael Thompson, Royal Academy of Performing Arts; Herb Winslow, St. Paul Chamber Orchestra; Sarah Cyrus and Nathan Pawelek, Augustana College
  • Ensemble Memberships: Sioux City Symphony, Principal Horn; South Dakota Symphony, 4th Horn; Sioux City Symphony Brass Quintet