What is the Partnership Program?

The Partnership Program provides the opportunity for high schools to offer online Dual Credit courses through Dordt University to their students at an additional discount. High school juniors and seniors may enroll in courses individually for $190/credit or schools may purchase enrollments (an enrollment is one student taking one course) at a variety of subscription levels.

Program Incentives

  1. Educators at partnering schools will receive a 50% discount on their first M.Ed. course.
  2. Students enrolled full-time at a partnering school will receive a travel reimbursement (up to $400) to participate in a Campus Visit Day.
  3. Students attending Dordt from a partnering school will receive a $4000 Institutional Grant ($1000 each year for a maximum of four years) and complimentary financial aid web-counseling.
  4. Guidance counselors will be offered free annual travel and participation in NACCAP-led professional development experience, Dordt University Guidance Counselor Days.

Tuition is just $570 for a 3-credit course ($190 per credit*). That’s more than 85% off the standard tuition cost!

Students are responsible for purchasing any required textbooks.

Top 5 Benefits of Dual Credit

  1. Taking college credits earlier allows more freedom and flexibility during college and may even help students graduate early, saving thousands of dollars.
  2. Many dual credit courses are not available directly from high schools.
  3. College credits can also count as high school credits.
  4. Students can find out what college-level coursework is like, if it is a good fit for them, and make a smooth transition if it is.
  5. Dual credit courses offer students in-depth studies into areas of particular interest.

Upcoming Courses

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"The class was well-organized, and the teacher was easy to communicate with. The students in the class were welcoming and engaging - even though most of them were Dordt students, not high schoolers. Taking this class in high school helped me to understand the level of classwork, academic demands, and standards of excellence that Dordt is committed to, which helped affirm that Dordt was the right place for me."

Current Partners

Some of the schools we currently partner with: