Mar 10, 2023

Dordt University Concert Choir releases CD

Dordt University recently released a CD titled “Soli Deo Gloria,” which features recordings of the 2021-22 Dordt Concert Choir. CDs are available for purchase from the Dordt University Music Department for $15.

Just before embarking on their music tour to Austria and the Czech Republic, the choir recorded 13 tracks in May 2022 in the B.J. Haan Auditorium. This is the first full-length recording project by the Concert Choir. The CD includes several tracks that are focused on the theme of bringing glory to God – hence the name “Soli Deo Gloria.” Featured composers and arrangers include Shawn Kirchner, Frank Ticheli, Elaine Hagenberg, Philip Stopford, Daniel Knaggs, and more. The title track, "Soli Deo Gloria," composed by Ryan Smit, is a world premiere. The project was released on the Mark Masters label, of Clarence, New York.

Associate Professor of Music Dr. Carrie Groenewold says that it was a privilege to be involved in the production of the Soli Deo Gloria recording.

“The album contains diverse selections and compositional styles, sung expertly by the DU Concert Choir; from the frolicking ‘Country Dances’ to the grand, reflective setting of ‘Wondrous Love,’ the album communicates the joy we have as Christians who delight in the field of music, in all its variety,” says Groenewold.

Assistant Professor of Music Ryan Smit says that the process of preparing 13 pieces for a commercially-released recording can be challenging and tiring, but ultimately it was an invigorating and rewarding experience for students and music faculty alike.

“Students participated in two full days of recording to reach the goal of about one hour of total music for the project,” explains Smit. “The product is a tangible musical summation of some of their experiences in the Dordt Concert Choir and is something they and the university can be proud of. A CD recording of the Concert Choir is a great way to share the theological vision of the university and the music department’s pursuit of musical excellence with potential recruits, supporters, alumni, family, and friends.”

The Soli Deo Gloria CD illustrates the amazing things that are going on at Dordt, says Associate Professor of Music Dr. Onsby Rose.

“Being a small college that is working to let all of God’s kingdom know about the good news of a Christian education, these recordings will serve to put Dordt on display not only to other musicians but to all walks of life that may encounter these recordings,” says Rose. “In addition, recordings are a way to preserve an art form that is like a snowflake, meaning each performance is different. Even when performing the same work, each performance has its own interpretation and nuance. By recording, we can take this and commit it to storage for others to enjoy forever.”

To purchase a copy of the CD, visit the Campus Store or reach out to Anna Bartlett at

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