Jul 10, 2023

Dordt takes on summer construction projects

To secure additional classroom space, housing, and parking options, Dordt University has taken on some renovation and construction projects this summer.

To secure additional classroom space, housing, and parking options, Dordt University has taken on some renovation and construction projects this summer.

First, Dordt is expanding housing options by building a new set of upperclassmen apartment buildings, which are scheduled to be in use this upcoming fall semester. The apartments, known as “The Squares” or “Every Square Inch Apartments,” are located south of Southview Apartments, consist of four new buildings, and will house a total of 96 students. There are four three-bedroom two-story suites in each building, with a kitchen and two bathrooms in each unit. They will accommodate six students each.

Second, Dordt is putting up office spaces and walls to open up more classroom space in the Science and Technology Center as well as in the Hulst Library. There will be three additional classrooms, with about 80 seats, to accommodate Dordt’s projected growth in enrollment. Eight offices are being added in the Hulst Library on the main floor near where the DVD and game collections previously stood. These offices will house the Graduate and Online Education Office, which was previously located in a former classroom space in the Science and Technology Center, as well as the Global Education Office and the Kielstra Center for Research and Grants. The DVDs and game collections will be relocated within the library.

“Students will still have access to the open lounge space for studying and meeting purposes,” says Josh Dorhout, director of facilities and services. “We’ll still have the high-top tables, shorter tables, and other seating arrangements available for them to use in that space.”

In the Kuyper Honors Program space, which is also located in the Hulst Library, bookcases to house special collections and a seating bench are being added. “The honors program space is used differently than a traditional classroom,” explains Dorhout. “The room opposite of the honors program is being remodeled into a classroom space, so to cut down on noise and distraction for those in the classroom, we’re adding a wall.”

Third, Dordt has added about 100 more parking spots on campus. There are now additional student parking spaces east of Covenant Hall (a women’s dorm on the east side of campus) as well as event parking south of Kuyper Apartments (an upperclassmen apartment complex on the south side of campus).

Fourth, there are several smaller projects that are taking place, including splitting larger shared Advancement Office workspaces into smaller individual offices and replacing the flooring. Last summer, Dordt added more dorm space into the lower level of Covenant Hall to provide space for 16 additional students. They constructed a massive window well as part of this remodel; this summer, the facilities team is wrapping up the project by adding an artificial turf area, patio, and landscaping to the window wells to provide a nice outdoor seating area for students to utilize.

Last fall, Dordt’s overall enrollment was 1,858 students – the largest enrollment in Dordt’s history, which included a record total degree-seeking undergraduate enrollment of 1,460. Renovations and construction projects such as the ones taking place this summer are important as Dordt continues to grow. It’s also important to be stewardly of Dordt’s resources throughout the process, says Dorhout.

“With the updates, we’re trying to be careful and consider what makes sense for Dordt’s future,” he says. “It’s exciting to be part of these projects. Slow, steady growth is the best kind of growth.”

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