Jun 13, 2019

Dordt Expands Master’s Program Options

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is currently accepting applications for the fall 2019 semester

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In the past few months, Dordt has expanded and revised its master’s degree programs.

“I’m excited about the opportunity for Dordt to serve a wider variety of working professionals that are looking for a Christ-centered program to further their effectiveness in their field,” says Joe Bakker, director of online programs at Dordt.

The Master of Public Administration (MPA) program, which was approved by the Higher Learning Commission in March, is currently accepting applications for the fall 2019 semester. Offering emphases in police administration and non-profit administration, the 36-credit, online degree can be completed in as little as two years. It provides students with experience in program evaluation, public finance, and organizational theory that will be useful in a variety of fields, including social work, criminal justice, city management, and non-profit work.

“Our goal for each course in our program is to prepare students for the workplace through projects and assignments that develop the skills they need to directly benefit their employers,” says Donald Roth, director of the program.

Dordt’s flagship master’s program, the master’s degree in education, has grown during the past 10 years, with more than 180 students currently enrolled. With an eye toward the future, the program directors decided early in the spring semester to make the master of education program a fully online degree. Previously, 97 percent of the program was online, with a single summer intensive class held on campus.

“We see a growing number of teachers from the United States and other countries for whom a trip to campus is cost-prohibitive,” says Dr. Steve Holtrop, director of graduate studies at Dordt. Now that the program has shifted to being fully online, students interested in a Reformed perspective in a graduate program have one less barrier of entry.

Dordt’s master of education degree offers more than 40 courses within the two tracks of curriculum and instruction or administration, along with eight specializations in areas such as school leadership, teacher leadership, and sport leadership.

“It is important to offer online learning options for individuals that have other responsibilities preventing them from enrolling in a face-to-face program, such as a full-time job or living far away from a college,” says Bakker.

Bakker says that, in the near future, Dordt expects to add programs in the areas of social work and applied statistics.

“Dordt’s master’s degree programs are a fantastic opportunity to learn and grow in your field while continuing to work full-time,” he says.

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