Medical Laboratory Science Program Profile

Do you want to serve in the healthcare industry? Consider a degree in Medical Laboratory Science. The healthcare industry has a dire and increasing need for medical lab scientists, so the job prospects following graduation are excellent. Medical lab scientists typically work in hospital labs doing a variety of procedures, which can include diagnosing and treating new infectious diseases through sophisticated diagnostic tests. This job requires attention to detail and does not always work directly with patients.

In this program, you will spend the first three years studying at Dordt, taking classes in biology and chemistry, as well as Core. Your fourth year will be spent at a college certified by the Council of Medical Technology Education (COMTE), where you will receive training in a hospital setting using the equipment used for medical technology.

More about Medical Laboratory Science
Male student working with chemicals

Program Strengths:

  • Rigorous training in the biological and chemical sciences, taught from a Christian perspective
  • Well-equipped teaching and laboratory spaces
  • Flexibility to transfer between medical laboratory, biology, and chemistry programs
  • High acceptance rates into hospital medical laboratory programs
  • Excellent employment prospects upon graduation

Student Learning Objectives:

Students in the Medical Laboratory Science program will:

  • Develop a desire to serve God and care for one’s neighbor in a hospital laboratory setting
  • Demonstrate a strong foundational knowledge of biology and chemistry
  • Become competent in the skills needed to serve in medical laboratories

Vision Statement:

The medical laboratory program aims to provide students with the knowledge, skills, and disposition to serve God in hospital laboratory settings.