Hope Fund

  • Goal: $750,000

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Hope Fund

Sending students a message of hope, and making it possible for them to complete their degree at Dordt.

The Hope Fund was also recently featured on KCAU, you can watch that coverage here, and KTIV, you can watch that spot here

"I want to thank you for the many ways you have supported Dordt University! It’s such an encouragement to be part of Defender Nation and see how God has worked providentially through the school over so many years.

Recently, many students and families have been impacted by COVID-19, something that I am sure does not come as a surprise. In the midst of this crisis, we realized this significant need and started the Hope Fund.

Over the past few months, Dordt students and supporters have stepped up and we’ve been able to raise over $550,000. The Hope Fund is providing the financial assistance so that our students will be able to continue their studies this fall. At the same time, though, we’ve had more students than we anticipated express financial needs and now know that the highly likely true need from students will be at least $750,000.

As your financial picture may have become more clear, would you consider a gift to the Hope Fund? Every additional dollar we raise will be crucial in allowing Dordt students to continue their education in the fall.

While the future still holds many uncertainties, we know that without increasing the Hope Fund there will be students who are not able to return. I would appreciate if you would prayerfully consider an additional gift to the Hope Fund.

Once again, we are so thankful for your support and consideration!"

—John Baas, vice president for college advancement


Many of our 1,500 students have gone home to families whose work situations have been disrupted or have other difficult circumstances; as a result, some of these students are unsure if they’ll be able to continue attending Dordt.

Here are some of the situations our students are experiencing:

  • A student who is now the primary breadwinner for their family, as their parents have been laid off. This student is trying to work full-time at a low-paying job while also completing online coursework.
  • A student who is serving as caretaker for younger brothers and sisters while also trying to complete classes. This student has had to hide in a closet with their laptop to get alone time to complete their online coursework.
  • A student who is sleeping on friends’ couches and doesn’t have access to Internet or a reliable computer—all while trying to complete their degree.

That is why we have launched the Dordt University Hope Fund—to help Dordt students who have financial hardships due to COVID-19, to make it possible for every student to complete their degree at Dordt. By supporting our students today, we send them a message of hope.

Please consider supporting the Hope Fund financially. We appreciate your prayers for our students and for Dordt University in these challenging times.

To give online, please use this button to navigate to our online form:

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If you'd prefer to give with a paper check, please mail that to:

Dordt University
C/O Advancement
700 7th Street NE
Sioux Center, IA 51250