Nicholas Schnell

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Akron, Iowa

Scholarships I Received

  • Presidential Award
  • Music Scholarship

Favorite Spot on Campus

Digital Media Lab or the Business Pod

favorite class

Motion Graphics or Astronomy

Concept that Blew my mind

One concept I learned at Dordt that absolutely blew my mind was that being a freelance digital content creator is actually an option!

Cool Things I did at Dordt

As a digital media student, I had the opportunity to travel to Africa as part of a film crew filming a short series about mission trips. It was fantastic to not only get out of the country and explore the world, but to get out of the country and do what I was passionate about. While not all digital media students at Dordt get to film in a different country, it still shows how willing Dordt is to get you out into the world doing what you love.

    Obstacles I've Overcome

    One of the biggest obstacles I have overcome in my time at Dordt is talking to people. I have always been a shy person, but at Dordt I was able to push past that, gaining a level of confidence I never felt I would have. This goes beyond just chatting with people; because of this, I now feel more confident in connecting with clients and future employers, which is huge!

    Who I was when I came to Dordt

    When I first arrived at Dordt I was terrified. I had no clue what I was doing and why everyone was so much taller than me! I awkwardly walked around campus saying "hi" to people I didn't know until eventually, I met a few people that I would end up spending most of my college career being around!

    How Dordt Impacted Me

    I would say my experience at Dordt has definitely had an impact on who I've become. I feel as if I have matured in many ways, both professionally and socially, by being around people that want to see me succeed. There are people that are constantly putting their trust in me to be there for them, and those that I can put my trust in to be there for me when I need it most.

    Where I am Now

    I am hoping to work at Lemonly in Sioux Falls and eventually land a position at Pixar, even if that means I just have to sweep the floors! Honestly though, I just want to tell stories my whole life, so wherever that leads is fine with me, as long as I can create work I am proud of and not have to sit in a cubicle!!

    What I would tell prospective students

    I would tell prospective students to definitely come prepared to work hard, but also to come prepared to make memories that will last a lifetime.

    How Dordt has helped me do more 

    I believe that my experience at Dordt has helped me to "Do More" by pushing me to find my passion and go after it. It took a few years, but once I found that passion, the staff and faculty supported me in developing it to a level that gives potential employers a clear understanding that I love what I do and I will do it to the best of my abilities.