Lydia Smits

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Crete, Illinois

Scholarships I received

  • Kristin Brouwer Volleyball Scholarship 
  • Defender Gold Club Scholarship 
  • Academic Scholarship 
  • Athletic Scholarship 

Favorite spot on campus

Prairie gardens to hammock! 

    favorite class


    Cool things I did at Dordt

    I was able to be a part of an internship at Avera during the summer before my senior year, which helped me grow incredibly as a nurse. I was one of the first nursing students that Avera took on from Dordt University and I was able to set the tone for Dordt nursing students to come!

    Obstacles I’ve overcome

    I've had to overcome the obstacle of not having family nearby. This was very difficult to me at first, as I rely on my family for just about everything! But, Dordt has become my home away from home. My professors and colleagues have become my second family and have made me feel so welcomed and accepted, even though my immediate family is not right down the road.

    Who I was when I came to Dordt

    I was the quiet new kid who arrived to Dordt on one of the coldest days of the winter (as I transferred halfway through my freshman year). I was never the student to be first to raise my hand to answer the questions. I was never the student to ask to meet with the professors outside of class. Dordt has changed me as a student, as a person, and most importantly, as a child of God. 

    How Dordt Impacted me

    I have become the student who is the first to raise her hand. I have become the student who is first to volunteer to help my department. I am the student who now pushes to be uncomfortable for the sole purpose of growth. Dordt has had such a large impact on the person I am today, and on the person who is about to enter the "real world." I am equipped, and Dordt has had a large hand in that. 

    Where I am now

    I will be working in Sioux Falls at Avera at their In-Patient Rehabilitation unit! Dordt has provided me with the education and the opportunity to receive an internship in this unit that ultimately led to a job! 

    What I would tell Prospective Students

    These are four years of your life that you will change the most as a person. Dordt allows you to explore who you want to be. Be open to trying new things, meeting new people, and most importantly, challenge yourself! Dordt has a safe and welcoming environment where support is truly around every corner. You are not alone here. You have each professor, each student, and even every single alumni here to help you through this journey. Your success is our success! 

    How Dordt helped me Do More

    Dordt has allowed me to help in the community and gain so many different experiences. I have been able to join clubs, join athletics, and be a voice, whether that be in my field, or on the volleyball court. I am ready to enter the world with my Christian education from Dordt University behind me. I am ready to serve in Christ's kingdom in the sphere of nursing through the many lessons I have gained during my time at Dordt University.