Evangeline Colarossi

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Glen Elder, Kansas

Scholarships I received

  • Athletic scholarship (cross country and dance)
  • Journalism scholarship
  • Presidential scholarship

Favorite Class 

Physical Chemistry

Concept that Blew My Mind 

There is theoretically, barely any Rubidium in the Moon! (based upon my senior research project) This is because Rubidium vaporizes fairly easily and would barely be present in the liquid phase that the moon was theoretically formed from.

Cool things I did at Dordt 

I was on the dance team my freshman and sophomore years and ran cross country my junior/senior year (I graduated in three years). I wrote for the Diamond as a staff writer during my entire time at Dordt, was the Natural Science Representative for Student Government my last year, and was involved in Science and Faith Club. I did a summer research project between my freshman and sophomore years, working in the chemistry labs to develop new experiments and create an operating manual for the Gas Chromatograph. The summer between sophomore and junior/senior year I worked as an assistant to Steve Bogaard, the lab coordinator on campus. I was a Chemistry Department TA for three years and tutored for physics in the Academic Enrichment Center for two years. I was also able to sing in several choirs at Dordt for two years and take part in many Bible studies with friends and co-lead a bible study this past year with a group of girls as well.

Obstacles I’ve overcome  

Learning that my worth and future goals weren't determined solely by my grades. An athletic injury and surgery my sophomore year.

Who I was when I came to Dordt 

I came in as a freshman who knew literally no one at the school and did not know what awaited except chemistry and dance. I was very quiet and though I made friends easily, I was not outgoing enough to seek out others on my own. I focused so much on school and athletics but needed to learn how to enjoy the rest of life in a healthy balance.

How Dordt Impacted me

In my three years at Dordt, I came in as Evangeline, and I left as Evangeline. Yes, there are many things that changed in me throughout the years, but I am still the girl I entered as, just with stronger elements of myself. I learned to be more outspoken in the things that I believe in, while still being kind and understanding. I was able to try new things, like writing for a school paper and running on the cross-country team. I was challenged by mentors and professors to step into positions the required responsibility and confidence as a TA, tutor, and leader. I came in as someone who sought to keep the peace and be kind in all ways, though I struggled to understand others' differences. I learned how to honor peace but speak up when needed, to believe in myself, and to consider the ideas and input of professors, coaches, and other students. I left as someone who had grasped many opportunities, let others slip away, and knew that there would be more to come.

Where I am now

I will be moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, to attend Colorado State University this fall. I will be pursuing a master's degree in their Materials Science Engineering program.

What would you tell prospective students  

We joke so much about the community here, but if you come here seeking that, you will find it. Whatever draws you to Dordt, you will find. However, as the years go on, it's easy to lose sight of that. Find the things that make you intrigued with Dordt, and remember them. Remember why it is that you came here, and you will continue to find it and have the chance to strengthen that with your own input.

How Dordt has helped you Do More

I've often been told that I was over-committed at Dordt because I was involved in so much. However, I think because I was able to balance them all well, it allowed me to test out things that I was interested in and find new passions (or understand if I enjoyed them enough to be involved). It allowed me to go beyond just the Chemistry Department or my athletic team and Do More in the community of Sioux Center, at Dordt, and taking passions I've developed home or to other jobs as well. There are so many things that I would not have had the chance to be involved in unless I had pursued them at Dordt, and doing so allowed me to learn and in turn, share that with others as well.